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(26 Feb 1959) The Royal Navy's latest cruiser, the first warship to be fitted with fully automatic six-inch guns, together with their special control system. The cruiser is the first of her class, and is due to be commissioned on the Clyde very shortly.

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I joined Tiger in 1972 to 1975 just after the 6 year refit and did the Far East tour and it was FABULOUS ! 826 squadron and 4 sea king helicopters too although she was very top heavy. I maintained the 992 radar although I was very young. I did a 9 minutes slideshow movie on my channel in celebration of Tiger ! I've always missed the Comradeship 🤟

Author — @StephSancia


Tiger used the hull of the second of the Minotaur class which had been cancelled (HMS Superb was the only one completed).
The Minotaur class were very similar to the Town and Colony class cruisers which had been built in the late 1930"s. With the passage of time the Superb became the only member of the Superb class and the remaining three (Blake, Lion and Tiger) which were redesigned came to be known as the Tiger class. Superb, a wartime build, rarely seemed to be free of defects and none of the four cruisers could be considered a success and they were scrapped after uneventful short lives, some of the Town and Colony classes outliving them.

Author — @Jon908584


Those 3” guns are so fast holy shit. And look at it spit that brass!

Author — @SearchEast2069


The Tiger (1959) and the modernised.Dido, Royalist (1956) were the only real success of 20 postwar cruiser reconstructions. France in contrast did 2, and got 2 De Grasse and Coulbert..Nowhere as poweful or outrageous. Both.the two channel high level AA gun system of Royalist and the heavy rapid fire on Tiger were devastating non PC. Of the 3 Tigers only HMS Tiger was real and did 8 years as a gun cruiser a realistic life for a war built cruiser. HMS Lion was in reserve too long and its engines and.boilers were stuffed while Blake two main turrets were very fast training and elevating electrics which belonged on space trek and wrong century 19 or 21.

Author — @frederickmiles327


Imagine two of those ships at the Falklands... Talk about firesupport!

Author — @MrBandholm


Was able to go board as a visitor when the ship was a helicopter ship in I think 1975.

Author — @fasthracing


I was the sailmaker on the Tiger 1974-1976

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Nowadays the Royal Navy cannot afford a plastic kit version of cruiser, let alone the real thing.

Author — @gnosticbrian3980