Weirdest Fair Foods Taste Test

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Weirdest Fair Foods Taste Test 5

Who will win the weirdest fair food taste test? GMM #1577

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What states have the best state fair? 🤔

Author — Good Mythical Morning


Link becoming better at darts has been the most compelling character development arc on YouTube

Author — Austin Hood Band


Rhett has visibly been getting more and more insecure about his dart skills the better Link gets at this game

Author — HikaruCrystal8


I like how Rhett and Link are desensitized to being served testicles at this point.

Author — Carson Fijal


I just noticed that Rhett's mustache is a bit more curled. Very dapper.

Author — CM99501


When link said “this is for 2pac” lmao 🤣

Author — Kira Hernandez


They should bring Gordon Ramsey onto one of these weird food episodes

Author — ImKreev


Rhett and the rest of the WORLD:

*FLORIDA they’ll do aNyThInG DoWn tHeRe*

Author — Avamkr13


11:02 link: this is for tupac .

Link just earned major points for that in my book lol

Author — Teflonavon Donavon


Use that special tooth paste Link!! It really works!! Well works for me anyway!!

Author — Jax


Rhett: "Ohh Link you pulled it in."

Link: *"dEeEz NuTz"*

Author — Lester Walit


Rhett: "This tastes like it might be a testicle..."

Link: *horrified look*

Author — Deanna Jackson


My favorite thing about food episodes is when Rhett eats something he really likes, he falls so hard in love and you can tell how happy he is. It's so pure and I love it.

Author — Joseph Lons


*Califownia knows ha da
Link’s eyebrow when he says it is priceless

Author — Joseph Bleasdale


The way they talk about the Midwest states it seems like they haven't spent much time there :p lol

It's so cold here I don't want ice cream on my burger even in the summer :p

Author — AMML


Link: “if ya momma really loves ya, you gonna get that cheese”
Link: “California knows how to party”
Link: “in the city of San Diego”
Me: dang head-colds make Link loopy

Author — unxprienced


Link doesn't need his cheats anymore, I'm very proud! 😂

Author — Maturin the cosmic turtle


"but if your mama really loves you, you gonna get that cheese"

me: well my mama don't love me

Author — spooky skel


6:57 “our people wouldn’t do this” as a North Carolinian I can testify that he’s right 😂😂

Author — LordSpaceUnicorn


Glad to see Minnesota on here!

Minnesota: Deep fried testicles

... Just not like this...

Author — AirTheFallen