Michael Cohen Testifies to Congress About Trump: A Closer Look

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Michael Cohen Testifies to Congress About Trump: A Closer Look 5

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump's ex-personal fixer Michael Cohen's congressional testimony.
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Michael Cohen Testifies to Congress About Trump: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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“He finally went to Vietnam, and he’s getting killed at home” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — B Duncan


seriously, a stray cat would make a better president

Author — Adnan Kabir


So... there's a large placard with Cohen's face on it inscribed with "liar, liar, pants on fire." My question... is this Congress or KINDERGARTEN?!?



I love how Fox and Republicans all make a big deal of the fact that Cohen lied, but conveniently forget what he lied about and who he was lying for. I mean, thanks for admitting he WAS in fact lying, but have you guys thought at all about what that means? It hardly makes Trump look innocent, does it?

Author — Randy Ohm


"Liar liar pants on fire"? Seriously? What are we, in the 3rd grade?

Author — Desktop Kitty


It's safe to say being republican isn't a political ideology at this point, it's a mental deficiency.

Author — MrSnrub


As a Louisiana resident, I'm tired of our representatives embarrassing us at EVERY turn on national t.v.

Author — JayAre


Seth, you should have shown the part when Cohen tells Republicans they will end up like him if they continue to blindly support Trump. That was one of the best parts. I thought you'd close with it.

Author — 1957DX


I’m from Arizona. Paul Gosar is a joke around here; but he does have a loyal following among trump supporters. His family did do ads to encourage voters to vote against him in the 2018 elections. I would love to be the fly on the wall during Sunday dinner.

Author — Julia Set


The only thing Trump has in common with truth is the first three letters

Author — Dave Dee


He prints a giant poster that said “liar liar pants on fire”. You pay that man’s salary. Let that sink in.

Author — Boobalopbop


Kim actually UNDERSTANDS English, his reaction in real time was epic!

Author — Amaka Abara


The movie “All The President’s Con-Men”. Heard it here first!

Author — Derrick Chennault


Trump finally went to Vietnam, and he is getting killed back Home!! Awesome Line. Kudos to the Writer who thought that one up!!

Author — Sulla Felix


That...congressman, was it, can't still have a job after that intimidating tweet can he, also surely Trump doesn't have a leg to stand on at all & has to be impeached - how do you Americans go on about doing that BTW????

Author — Matthew Davies


There’s a reason why Cohen had to spell it out that Individual 1 is Donald J Trump. Trump’s base not so smart!

Author — Shoba Singh


Childish congress (a poster really), childish president!

Author — Karen Nobles


I'm waiting for the day I see our government police (FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service) go into the oval office, ask Mr. Trump to stand up & turn around, then cuff him while reading him his rights. Then move down the hall to Mike Pence & do the same thing. For anyone who thinks Pence is any different than Trump, they need to take A Closer Look.

Author — Marsha Sherman


Loved your line about him going to Vietnam and getting killed back home. Still chuckling about it today. Thank you.

Author — Kathy Gbbns


The funny things Republicans keep "overlooking" is that if Cohen lies again, he loses the plea deal.

Author — Dee Lish