Has Assad won the Syrian war? - BBC Newsnight

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Has Assad won the Syrian war? - BBC Newsnight 2.5
The British government has decided to stop giving some aid to rebel-held areas in Syria.

Since 2011, civil war has claimed at least 350,000 lives in Syria. 11 million people have been displaced from their homes - towns and cities obliterated. The Syrian opposition sidelined, IS grew like a hydra-headed beast.

The UK has committed £2.7 billion pounds to Syria, but today Britain is halting the non-humanitarian aid programme supporting the Free Syrian police force in the last rebel area, Idlib in North West Syria.

So is this a marker that the seven year conflict is effectively over?

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The BBC has certainly lost the propaganda war.

Author — Stink Eye


It wasn't a civil war. The rebels weren't Syrian - they were supported by the US and UK to overthrow Assad because they wanted an oil pipeline.

Author — Nicki M


Of course Assad has won the war.... still not over yet but practically won. It'll go down in history as the first proxy war the imperialist powers of the West lost.

Author — Jaime Alvarez


This guy and russia stopped islamic extremism...syria was secular...and still is...

Author — Craig Inglis


U.S, Israel, saudi Arabia and Isis clearly lost their attempt to invade Syria

Author — MrA


Yeah, Assad won, because rebels are almost gone, and the Syrian government regaining rebel held areas...This is good news...Syria's going to be peaceful again...Other nations (especially the US, UK, Israel, and their allies) should STOP waging wars on Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc., FOR the sake of PEACE... 🤗🤗🇸🇾🇸🇾

Author — Reality Prevails 2018


Don't we forget BBC supported the "modern rebels" since day one 🙄

Author — sim16 milh22


This is a big lie lady. People are returning in thousands

Author — Kpakilé Alexandre Niambalamou


Fake news BBC they aren't rebels you fool's.

Author — Kaz K


As usual the bloody West interfering again and causing a bloody mess, seem to have forgotten the chaos it caused in Iraq and Libya.

Author — Denise G- Hill


I hope he won. Why westerners decided to destory this mans home idn understand.

Author — The End Begins


More bbc lies. Thousands are returning. How could the rebels be defeated without damage to infrastructure and buildings. They give the impression it's all assads dault.

Author — tom johnson


This western proxy war cost so many lives, more than Assad could kill in his term.

Author — S S


There no democratic oposition in syria..only terorists..if bbc suport the rebels defacto gloryfing 9/11..

Author — Boris Praznovsky


The West hijacked the Arab Spring to try to oust Assad and others. It has no respect for the independence formally colonised countries fought so hard to gain.

Author — Tories Out


What did the West try to accomplish here? Another Iraq? The so-called rebels are a bunch of extremist factions no less dangerous than ISIS itself. No doubt in my mind that some civilians wholeheartedly longed for regime change. However, for the most part, the opposition is no different than ISIS.

Author — Fernando C.


The report surprisingly missed out the role of Russia in reversing the tide of this US/Saudi sponsored war. Without Putin's intervention minority ethnic groups such as the Christians, druze, Assyrians, Armenians would certainly have faced genocide from the jihadists using US made weapons, and that's a fact!!

Author — J 2B


The UK media should apologise to Assad for constantly trying to overthrow his government with propaganda and for lying about him using chemical weapons in Douma when the OPCW report showed that he did no such thing.

Author — Michael Black


No, syrian won the war. We fought US Israel backed ISIS.
Edit: Also thanks Russia for helping us

Author — RatherA


Atrocious propaganda again from the Bush and Blair Corporation. Here's a newsflash for ye lads there are no so called rebel groups in Syria only terrorist groups Al Nusra, ISIS, etc. The whole world and their dogs knows this but the BBC and the rest of the main stream media continue to peddle this bullshit that there was actually civil war there. It was an attempted coup by the west and their head chopping extremists Saudi Arabia. What a joke of a report. Victory to Bashar and the lions of the SAA.

Author — Jerome o sullivan