Сыновья неожиданно дарят своим отцам их мечту.

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Сыновья неожиданно дарят своим отцам их мечту. 5

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I wish i could afford to do something like this for my dad, for all the hard work he did to keep our family straight all these years. He truly is my hero!

Author — SANE


do it while you can people, my dad passed away at 58, he was my best friend, my hero, my rock. moms gone too. i wish i could feel their happiness again :((

Author — Sandy Mitchell


That second one about got that man. When he grabbed his chest I held my breath.

Author — Tree Hugger


Боже люди храните отцов и матерей, пока не стало поздно.

Author — Александр Павлов


I hope people realize it's not the cost of the gift it's the thought of the children doing that for their fathers most people don't realize how much that would mean that is awesome great job kids

Author — Jim Farris


The second dad needed an ambulance Lol

Author — Nicky R


And here i am..still looking for an old 1984 ford ranger like the one my dad had when i was a kid so i can buy it and feel like he is still with us....

Author — gwlemus


Те кто читал этот коммент счастье тебе и твоим близким 😊❤️

Author — Намаз Курбонов


I love the ones where they get reunited with the same exact car they owned back in the day

Author — Wolfy100


there should be more videos like this. we dont do enough for our parents. i was balling

Author — M Elle


the second one, its like he heard it before he saw it x that car belonged to him

Author — Ebbz Hall


Who the hell presses the “thumbs down” button on these amazing and heartfelt videos? There is nothing more beautiful than to see children who have grown up to appreciate their parents and do nice things for them. Congratulations to these moms and dads who did a lot of things right and raised some amazing children to be loving adults ❤️

Author — Honesty4yoass


Hope someday my son will bring me back my honda civic 94 esi😂😂😂, this is priceless☺

Author — Green Thumb


Если сын имеет возможность подарить отцу машину, это заслуга самого отца, вырастил не оболтуса

Author — Герман Сольер


My very few times my Dad let his hair down and went to 100 mph in a two tone 1957 Buick. I was 4 or 5 and remember like yesterday. He's gone now but I remember his pride and pure joy. I don't think I ever saw him as free as then. He was a hard man but he was my father. We we're never close until the last couple years when he was last stage of cancer. His last week he showed joy and Freedom to be so! He was my father and I made him happy for he knows I was there to take care of him. I am here to take care of my mom. Setting your life aside totally not because they never ask, but because it was the job God gave you. Show you care and don't expect your parents to be perfect or even close. Respect and love them for it is a rare pleasure to be needed by those you love.

Author — Stephen Mitchell


Seeing this I’m so jealous how these wonderful people / families have both parents in their children’s lives . I love seeing this ❤️

Author — prenetria riser


I’d give anything, cut off my arms to be able to do this for my sweet daddy!!♥️

Author — Meagan Dixon


I wish i could have done something like this for my beautiful, humble loving dad! But he passed 10 mths ago 😢😢😢😢

Author — Michelle Tana


надеюсь мне удасться обрадовать так же родителей)

Author — Павел


I love it how the dad instantly knew it was his old car

Author — Robert Robert Jr.