Combined Arms: The Unbeatable 052C Class Destroyer Tutorial | DCS WORLD

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0:00 Class Overview
2:03 Technical Specs
4:04 Engineering
4:48 Electonics
17:40 Armament
25:48 Aircraft
29:33 Photos
33:42 Visual Inspection
35:58 Movement
36:52 Anti-Ground Weapons
41:50 Anti-Ship Weapons
56:34 Anti-Air Weapons

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The fire control system on the Oliver Hazard Perry class also has splash correction, but it has to be entered manually

Author — Tom Lohr


awesome stuff! I love the ship reviews, please do more!:)

Author — Angel Arch


38:50 if they shoot back what difference would it cause?

Author — 51-CVL Pekhlua 1st Sem


The HHQ-9 is actually active radar guided, just like AMRAAM. The closest naval system in terms of guidence is probably Aster, used by RN's Type 45 destroyers, but HHQ-9 has longer range.

Author — Thunderbolt Lightning


Everything will be defeated by some equipment. Don't just see those new or great things and someone claim those weapons or anything is nothing can beat by others thing. It's just that you haven't seen those things become a moment yet. just matters about the time when things will happen.

Author — GP MG


That's why we don't have VHF and UHF TV anymore, they want the bands to be open for military use! Another good ship vid lads!
Pretty much everyone in Canada in the country side now has satellite TV or internet if there lucky enough to get high speed! I'm no warship tactician but would they not jink in an attempt to doge some of the gun fire in real life?

Author — Tim Munroe


*** Lets do a video on firing the Tomahawks from the Ticonderoga. They are really force multipliers. Great Video !!! (1st) :)

Author — CornBread


If you thought 7000 tonnes was heavy for a destroyer you should take a look at the new 13, 000 tonne Type 055s, the Chinese still classify them as 'destroyers' but the USN deems them cruisers.

Author — fludblud


Burke-class destroyers. It tickles my persnickityness all the wrong ways to hear them called "Aegis destroyers", just like calling the Ticos 'Aegis cruisers'. Also, the definition of 'destroyer' over the years has been the subject of deception and politics both, so the borders get very very fuzzy.

Also most fighter radars (though not all modes) are 3D - if you get height data out of it, it's 3D.

(added!) ...and warheads listed as blast/frag do not fire off in a ring, that's only continuous rod, Phoenix-style. There aren't many of those these days.

Author — Warphammer


The 54 a frigate did better than expected

Author — Mubashir ejaz Hussain


What are the 4 - 6 x 2 launcher racks aft port and starboard mortar or missile rack?

Author — Ray Magneson


The names are hilarious, rice lamp, rice bowl hahah :) and thanks for the detailed videos and your buddy finding the detailed info!

Author — Catan


Type 45 is the Royal Navy is the Brit equivalent to an Aegis destroyer.

Author — John S.


All Modern Destroyers have VLS.. Without VLS for anti-air, we(usa) wouldnt be able to have a ballistic missile and such strong air defense with the SM3-SM6 Missiles. You clearly know nothing of the Navy as youd know that these Chinese and most modern Destroyers are modeled off the Arleigh Burk Class which is by far the most badass class of ships that ever were...

Author — scott sauritch


Of course a month after the warranty runs out all the systems go A triumph for Chinese espionage, perhaps? P.

Author — ptrisonic


NATO need to stop giving any cool names, to their rivals stuff. If it were up to me, the "Flanker" would have been called "The Tiny Limp Dick".

Author — ExileTSJ


Excellent channel it's so fucking cool

Author — pandabear4321gogo


Even frigates are starting to get fat...

Author — TechGamer45


An air start MP mission to sink each others carrier group would be fun.
Edit: Hint hint.

Author — Veteran Kamikaze


Im not quite sure your assumption apropos Diesel & Gas Turbine engines is correct. I am pretty sure and I may be wrong however principally, the ship runs off of either one or both turbines. Electrical systems, and Life support systems will run off of Diesel Engines, multiple. Each diesel engine, will be responsible for providing power to all systems on the ship, and these will be responsible for an area. For Example Diesel 1 maybe responsible for X systems, and Diesel Engine 2 will be responsible for Y systems. You will find that you will have emergency shunting cables in Emergency Stations, spaces for running power from one Diesel Engine, to systems in a space that it is not primarily responsible in an Emergency Stations situation. For example, Hit 1 takes out Diesel X, which may be running all Positive Air (Air Conditioning Systems as well as Desalination Plants, and Gyros. By running cables, you can get these systems up if that is what you need. Not saying thats realistic, but its the ability for built in redundancy. Turbines for propulsion. DE's for mains power. Just a thought.

Author — EmCon Black