The Erechtheion

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The Erechtheion 5

The Erechtheion, 421-405 B.C.E. (Classical Greek), Acropolis, Athens
Speakers: Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker. Created by Steven Zucker and Beth Harris.

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One of the best descriptions I have seen of the Erechtheion. Thanks.

Author — sophrapsune


This is a very informative video with very pleasant voiceovers thanks for the upload!

Author — Alyssia MacDonald


I am highly interested in Art and Architecture, absolutely love your channel! Thank you for all your work!

Author — BannedIP


so blessed that I have seen it in my lifetime - September 1, 2017. thank you Athenians I had a wonderful time in your amazing city!

Author — Maruja Concon


i love how thorough the details you both give are.

Author — young raheem


thanks <3 now I can do my homework!

Author — Valeria Loncharich


Come to the Reynolda House Museum of American Art to see: Frederick Church: a Painter’s Pilgrimage- featuring “The Parthenon.” The exhibit is glorious! Available till May 10.

Author — Lynda Taylor


man these vids are so informative but i gotta say theyre so dense, its hard to follow them for me. maybe ill be able to come back to it and understand it better another time

Author — L W


I want to know who is building this place. tell me

Author — Łï Şä


New theory; these are the daughters of King Erectheus. An oracle declared that Athen's survival depended on the death of one of the daughters, Chthonia. The other sisters take their own lives.

Author — craigster1244


We went in April 2015 and worth a visit🐟🐟

Author — tennysonford Blackbird


why is persepolis so much more damaged than greek temples?

Author — Arastoomii


our school used this for social studies.

Author — Hassan Yousaf


अरे या पेक्षा भारतातील मंदिरे बघा, नुसते कॉलम आहेत तरी किती ती हवा, आमची मंदिरे पाहून वेडे व्हाल

Author — Sarjerao Desai


Too fast narrative...we barely can pay attention.

Author — H L