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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

In this pack with me, I'll show you how I am packing my Ju-Ju-Be BFF in the Rose Colored Glass print for two under two.

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Pack With Me | Ju-Ju-Be BFF in Rose Colored Glass | Two Under Two | The Sensible Mama

💬 Comments

The BFF is so stunning in RCG! I adore how you paired the L&L Blush Stripe clutch with the BFF- perfection!

Author — Perpetual Mommy


Thank you amber for the video :) i had my first BFF in this design. Can’t wait to use it when the baby is due 😘😘😘 thank you again!

Author — Sunshiney Farmer


I loved it immediately for the pretty pink lining! ❤️

Author — Kristen Muir


It’s such a surprise to me that this is your favorite print! I haven’t received my rcg be set but I was planning to hopefully trade it for ww or Sakura swirl but I’m interested to see it in real life. I’m sad I wasn’t able to get the be set or be quicks in the ww or ss prints but hopefully there’s a restock or they make another floral rose print soon!

Author — Ssandhar


So pretty! Love the Logan and Lenora with this print! My daughter was hysterical at her 2 yr old dentist appointment too. We just had her 3yr appt and she hopped right up on the table with no fear. It’s amazing the growth in maturity from ages 2-3.

Author — 5 Minute Cloth


Loved the colour coordinations... so lively n positive.. thanks for sharing 😊

Author — Reetika Babbar


Finally! I’ve been waiting for a RCG BFF packing video to convince me that I need this in my life.
Amber, does this print top up your favorite DSS print.

Author — fortheloveBAG


The more I see this print, the more I like it! I found a minibe 2 days later, can’t wait to get it.

Author — Mom 2K.B


I love all the coordinating colors and matching accessories! Please could you show the jujube BLACK BEAUTY BFF packed as beautifully matchy-matchy as this!? I have the bag but have no idea how to match black beauty :) <3

Author — CHC


Lol I was the same. Bff wasn’t my bff. I had watched a million reviews and wasn’t too sure but I did score a new DSS bff recently (BST squeal). As soon as I packed it and put it on my back I was like ohhh yeah it’s adorbs love it. Def doesn’t hold for an all day event for two Little’s. But as everyday bag it’s perfect;)

Author — Here Kitty Kitty


I scored a set piece in this print I was super excited. I wanted a be quick but was scared taking that extra minute adding it so I checked out immediately with only the be set. I'm so excited to to get it to see how it looks with my new dusty blue fawn.

Author — Khiabet Cuadra


Oh Amber!! Now I can’t decide! I got the BRB in RCG & BFF in WW - but I’m questioning if I should have switched those 2 & gotten BFF In RCG! This video has me even more confused! & now I need all of the blush RePlay! I LOVE RePlay!!!

Author — Multitasking Mama


Out of all the rose collection, I find this print to be the prettiest! I hope they’ll be able to restock this print in the future. Great packing video! I really like packing with small sets inside cause it makes taking care of a newborn and a toddler so much easier specially when we’re out.

Author — Alexa Last


Woohoo! So happy when I saw this video posted lol do you have any other big bags in this print? I can’t decide if I want a brb or bff in it

Author — Sara Dash


I've watched a few of your packing videos and always wondered if the backpacks are super heavy after it's filled? Do you wear the backpack all day or is it stored on your stroller?

Author — BbyKiS2y


I have a question, I love the BFF and want to purchase one but can't seem to fork up the money as it's a pretty penny. When I saw the Classical Convertable I was blown away that it's only $70, but I'm concerned I'll regret not just saving up to get a BFF. You mentioned you don't really use those extra little pockets they have in the BFF (and lack in the CC) as well as don't use the mommy pocket much as it's tight on space (the CC has a mommy pocket like the Hobobe) The only other difference between the two besides mentioned above is the lack of memory foam in the straps and changing pad, and the side pockets are not insulated but it has a one side pocket inside that is. What do you think I should do?

Author — JustJaryn


Love it all headed to ur site now for goodies

Author — Lynn Soto


I needed a pick me up tonight. We evacuated our wonderful hometown of Wilmington, NC due to hurricane Florence. We have been staying with family for over a week and a half. It has been wonderful to spend time with them. Not really sure what we will go home to or how long it will take use to get there. The stress of it all just came crashing over me and I needed something happy. I LOVE rose colored glass. I was only able to grab a Be Dapper when it re-released but it is by far my favorite print. Thanks for helping me smile tonight.

Author — Allison Bennett


This is so pretty! I am kinda liking this print more and more. I think its goes the best with the rose gold hardware

Author — The TruLove Life


hey planner girl! foxy fix, pen gems pens :) <3

Author — Vicki Medellin