Esoteric Medieval Book Clubs and Vanished Advanced Civilizations before Mud Flood Secret Tartaria

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Esoteric Medieval Book Clubs and Vanished Advanced Civilizations before Mud Flood Secret Tartaria 5
This video is about Tartaria and the Mud Flood

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How is it no one draws any comparisons to skyrim? The game features mudflood, tartaria, giants, ancient giant forests etc

Author — Disiam Theillusion


Great work. Thanks from Poland. Please remember that new mud flood has just began.2020 -2055 with the pick happening 2047 (grand solar minimum and magnetic reversal) . A cycle - The reset of civilizations ... and looks like only elite will make it thru because 99% of us are sheeple.
With the digitalization next generation will be feed with garbage only ....

Author — Adam K


Hey Andreas, get in touch with Martin Liedtke, JonLevi and Philipp Druzhinin…. great stuff mate... if all the pieces of the puzzle can be assembled by all the group looking into this it will create a critical mass. Also get in touch with Max Igan of the Crowhouse.

Author — Zal Moxis


are you up for a virtual coffee?
this is the conversation I've been waiting for all my life

Author — Sarah Tonen


Happy to have picked this vid up and it was the first time I im in your channel. The circumstances lead me to your very important outstanding statement on about min 13 :00

Being able to see inside the grid

Is in fact the aim of the architect!!

Well we are the architect, become flesh to be self aware. And this is a fluid constant cycle, the tree of life.

The eagle on its top is unconsciousness
The dragon on its roots is concious and material is (Therfore opposing (evil) the spiritual nothingness / =nothingness is the completion of the

AND on its trunk there is a squirrel, who's only issue is keeping unto INFINITY,
the dialog alive between this two (conciousness and unconsciousness)

The demiurge is in fact = the URGE
Demi = separate in two equals

It wouldn't exist if it wasn't for this.

Bentov Itzhak has a very nice vision of the that sight into the grid and it merges very much with what Dan Winter teaches.

The negentropic electromagnetic energy imploding field

Amazing, aaaall we see, all we touch, all we fear, love
All is eclipsed by the sun

That's my biggest problem, I think the sun is being misinterpreted.

The sun must be the zero point,

The wormhole, of our own conciousness connection with the unconsciousness

Author — Elke Leonhardt


Andreas, Sylvie Iwanova (newearth channel) seems to think that the Reformation was when what she calls the parasitic culture sought out all the book knowledge in order to alter & destroy it all, not make it available. Any opinion on that?

Author — Michael Freed


That Sumerian symbol you showed isn't the current sun and moon... It's Saturn, Venus and Mars...which functioned as our sun for some period of time... Watch for the great king who kills many relatives followed by the boy king and red queen...

Author — Jennifer McClean


Excellent job, my brother! Some of us are waking up from "their dream." Just wish i was as good at creating vids as you are. Clever, utilizing a heavy dose of linguistics. Im having a strong feeling that Sound may set us free. Keep up the good work:)

Author — geoff dixon


Dude. I am binge watching all your exhibits of awesomeness and I am loving it. Two down and now it’s time to take on the rest. It makes me sad that I didn’t discover you earlier. This subject can be very complex and you do a great job of explaining it in a way that is both entertaining and informative. So many times I have clicked on Tartaria videos and have been left not only confused but also violated by their lack of research. Which is why your videos are like gold to me. Backing up your conclusions with actual facts makes our movement all the more profound and credible. Thanks buddy.

Author — Casey Ellis


Thanks a lot for this great work!!!

Author — Ozzie Pena


Four pillars appear in Cardiff in front of radisson blu there a significance about four pillars?

Author — Lyndon Owen


Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I remember hearing that saying the Old Country... Always wondered about that. 😊

Author — Silvermoon Reiki Healing


"as above so below"

Author — bipola telly


Dude uploaded an entire documentary in 24hrs

Love it. Great job. Thanks.

Author — Cove AKA Covergeist


Haha I was just looking at buying "How the irish saved civilization" and here it is.

Author — Phil Tanics


13 arrows are representing the 13 family’s that rule

Author — cedar savage


The shield within the shield reminds me of the magnetic north pole.

Author — cornmom2002


Handing out you links like candy to the children. Wakey Wakey! Great stuff, keep them coming!

Author — Mister Anderson


12:45 - "holy see" - Holy means whole, aka 'not divided'. By now one head have been cut off.
Great series btw :)

Author — Keyblade Viking - Tobias


tartar sauce gives me the mud floods. coincidence?

Author — Damian O