Watch: CCTV footage shows alleged ballot-stuffing in Russia elections

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Watch: CCTV footage shows alleged ballot-stuffing in Russia elections 4

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Now you understand why Putin has 85% percent, not 45%?

Author — Veronika Reed


As if we need more proof that Russian elections are always rigged.

Author — Milhouse


Im not surprised, Putin is a dictator.

Author — Diego Gätjens


As if politics wasn't about cheating and lying.

Author — Night Fury


Oh look Vladimir running against Vladimir, with a surprise challenger and possible winner, you guessed it, Vladimir, Russias elections are as transparent as Venezuelas and N. Koreas.

Author — Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CAMACHO


The Russian Trolls are angry please do not feed them 😉

Author — Sirius787


Dictators always win until they don't. Putin IS the richest person IN Russia. Democracy? Good luck with that.

Author — Dennis T


Jesus. I've worked a lot of elections, man, and voted in more. I cannot believe what I saw here today.

Author — falconlord5 bob


Thumbsdown by a Russian paid troll...👹👹👹👹👹

Author — C6Z06



Then to belive....better chck it out...before that finger keep throwing on the wrong

Author — Leonix Peter


I'll believe it when it is reported by a reputable source. The WP lost that moniker years ago

Author — Feast Thailand Food Tours


Duh. Of course. Now magnify that by 1000 polling stations.

Author — WileyCoyote69


MONUMENTALLY HYPOCRITICAL that the MSM accuses of election fraud.

Author — William Stewart


KEY WORD = "alleged"


Author — ISJST


Pretty cool. Najib kor please learn from this and win.

Author — Ivan Goh


SO ? whas that not thee point of cams so that shait who'd be dealt with ? no ? why the out rage ? also why one or 2 of thous make it illegitimate ?

Also if i remember US had same shait in 2016 on Killary side WP where was your out rage then ?

Author — Ilja Stalberg


So your telling me that sone people might like putin alot so they vote for him like 239 times.

Author — Fo4 Re7


It doesn't matter what they stuff in there, either way it's wrong.
That's why the world find it difficult to trust anything about Russia.
because the entire country runs like this, everybody cheating.
It's all about who is more clever at cheating.

Author — Toly Pa


Looks like poll workers in Chicago stuffing ballots

Author — 03avalanchetruck


Call me sceptical, but you’re telling me his whole election highjacking was all hinging on this woman stuffing some papers in his ballot box when there’s a camera at the top of the room 🤔

Smells more like him being framed

And don’t get me wrong I’m not even saying putin wouldn’t try and rig it so he wins

But seriously, how many did this woman stuff in, millions? I doubt it, and I still find it hard to believe that his master plan all hinged on some older secretary lady! She is one pretty damn powerful lady if you’re going to try and tell me she is responsible for getting putin in!

Plus the lack of dates on the cctv footage concerns me, pretty much always they have the date and time on them? Where are they, and how did no one care about the camera

And how did the bbc etc get this footage within a day or something? So he had the electron rigged, but he didn’t bother with the cameras recording or who has access to them and who could just print a copy off and send it to our news which apparently happened!

Ok then, seems like this Russian spy thing all over again, which I don’t believe was him either, again, not because I don’t think he would

But who in their right mind would use an apparent Russian only nerve agent on a ex Russian agent which isn’t under armed guard or lock and key, and is some old man, it’s pretty obvious if he wanted to kill him then he’d know it will point to him guaranteed

And if he didn’t care that much about it pointing to him then I think he’d just say yeah we did do it he’s a traitor, but they had him years ago so they could have killed him then!

It’s not that I don’t think he’s capable, I just don’t think he gives enough of a shit about these idiots running most of Europe enough to bother lying to them and why not just get someone to stab this Russian agent and make it look like a robbery?

And if it’s this Russian only nerve agent that no one else can possibly make then how did England’s own top secret nerve agent place manage to identity it as novichok when they’ve never been able to make it and apparently don’t have any of their own?

It all smells fishy to me

Author — It’s Mr Lone Wolf