Amazing Fast Jet Flying In Mach Loop, With Radio Comms Airshow World

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Amazing Fast Jet Flying In Mach Loop, With Radio Comms Airshow World 4.5

#Machloop #LowFlying
Low Flying From Cad East Of RAF Tornado's, Typhoons, C-130 Hercules And Hawks. With Air Band Radio Comms

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1:56 Showoff! LOL That was awesome, the Typhoons sound great.

Author — angmhalp


Eagle1 to Eagle's nest : we have spotted around 14 hostile sheep moving westwards from a hill coordinates $#! #@!# request permission to fire over. 

Eagle's nest : negative... do not fire.. i repeat.. do not fire... friendlies.. there are RSSF in the area i repeat ... there are Royal Special Sheep Forces in the area conducting  training over.

Author — SPACES AE


0:32 - Wings swept back, shadow feet off the ground. Sweet.

Author — partybiscuit


6:10 awesome swept Tornado, WOW ! Nothing seems as fast going through the Mach loop . Wales UK.

Author — fred Ted


That typhoon is gob smacking. Spooky sound to it. Great job mate.

Author — fastasfox


Best sounds in the world! I do miss the USAF. I loved the lone F-15 @3:13. That's what flies out of the Air National Guard base here in Portland, so it's a favorite of mine.

Author — Heather Self


Low Flying Action From The Mountains Of Wales

Author — Airshow World


Just amazing. I would so much love to go here one day. Fantastic views and backdrop. Great filming and radio comms.

Author — Mark Rayton


Cracking...and exciting to watch..Always love to see that BIG Fin, that's the Tornado's trademark...thanks for sharing

Author — googleisshittoss


Thanks v much. These mach loop videos have to be one of my favorite types of jet watching vids. thanks again

Author — michael joseph


Footage fantastico, love to be sit in a T2 bird on this.

Author — Michael Cox


Love the typhoon sharp pitch up and climb out, what frequencies were giving the most hits please ?

Author — paulsleighty


thanks for posting these great videos !!

Author — jim bob


seems you were stood in our spot on east :)...we always go there quality view

Author — becksybfc


Awesome footage! Specially of the Tornado's GR4. When is the best time to visit the Mach Loop?



I really LOVE this sound...jets low passing.

Author — Hanan Cohen


Great video! I will never forget being on the opposite side and hearing a shout of 'typhoon', and I could not spot it what-so-ever, I could hear it but I couldn't see it. The weather was beautiful, very sunny. At the last second I spotted a 'phoon shaped shadow go across the road below and it was headed for us straight on, pulled up overhead on full after burner (reheat?)... it was amazing

Author — jenxx49


Many thanks for the reply Stu. Very much appreciated. Fingers crossed I get some videos. If I do, I'll post them up for you.

Thanks again

Author — Dave Wilkinson


I LOVE that Tornado due to the dedicated low level and swing wing just like the F-111.

Author — xc5647321 xc5647321


A sweept-winged Tornado is the coolest thing ever🤛

Author — leif0644