Bowling Swing Made Simple!

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Bowling Swing Made Simple! 5

There's a few key components that go into having a good swing in bowling. We discuss them here!

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💬 Comments on the video

Can you show a swing with kyle playing a straight line to show the swing to the left of the head. As i feel the opening of the upper body to throw the ball out is overstating how much to the left of the head the swing is.

Author — aleck pons


playing bowling on and off for over 15 years, i didnt know these 2 important keys u gentlemen point out on the video. Thx, I do really learned a lot from this amazing tips.

Author — Boring Ball


Great stuff guys. The nerd in me just realized something at 4:30am. Having been at this since the late 70's, first as a bowler and later as a coach and driller, the geometry hasn't so much changed as it has shifted and moved around... Back in the day (holy CRAP I'm gettin' old!!!), body motion was more a study of parallels and angles and ball positioning and motion was very linear. In the modern game, body motion has become very linear and ball positioning and motion is much more angular with constant parallels being used in relation to travel. I'm quite certain this comparison has been made before but my dusty grey matter just now realized it. Again, your videos are fantastic, guys. Thanks for all the work you guys put into these productions.

Author — Dana Danarosana


I'm always looking for unique tips, you two nailed it, great demo.

Author — scenicmyles


Great release, sometimes my thumb still stuck

Author — Izky Tama


I've have a problem with throwing with my whole upper body. Any tips or suggestions?

Author — Glenn Holguin


Had to watch a video that I had of myself. And this is something I do. Great video not something I would normally think about. Do you guys do any form critiques?

Author — Dustin-Dulaney 89476


Great form and release. That's exactly what I'm trying to nail down.
Thanks for the vid guys.

Author — Man0 GRC


Great video I learned a lot of new things I love watching all of your videos because it gives me something to work on at practice

Author — Jacob Bianchi


keep these videos coming guys! love them

Author — Mamat Jai


My issue it I will cross over my body on my release. I am guessing when i swing back I am not directly under my head nor moving my hips out of the way.

Author — Nick


Thanks for this. I've been struggling with my swing for a while.
I love your channel and the content you post... you guys seem down to earth!
Btw Kyle -- it's great to see you up and bowling. How long post-op was this video made?

Author — Highway 69


hmmm. I'm getting there slowly. My head has gotten much farther from my swing. Thanks

Author — Mark Burkenbine


Wow nice video again. Smooth explanation. Hope to see more videos. Keep it up. Dude, Kyle sherman speed up recovery

Author — xander soriano


So i guess Kyle made a speedy recovery. ;)

Author — Ryan J. West


I bowled for years and never knew this. Can't wait to record myself to see if I do it correctly.

Author — Joshua Jorgensen


why does my swing go out and i cant get it in

Author — Joseph L


You really made it simple when compared to so many others who made it so complex,

Author — radicalfury710


I would like to see more two finger bowling videos. Like you do 3 fingers. I need to see what I can approve on. Thank you. Jerry here.

Author — Jerry Franck


Do you guys offer coaching at all? I'm sure a lot of your subscribers would be interested, even if it's just video reviews. Could create some good content! Loved seeing you guys make TV for doubles last month, awesome job!

Author — Mason Dillard