ESC 2015 Reaction Series to 2nd Place - Russia

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ESC 2015 Reaction Series to 2nd Place - Russia 5

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моя бы воля я бы Полю каждый год на евро отправлял)....

Author — Ёлочка 2k19


Эта девочка у нас самая самая лучшая!!! 😊❤️

Author — Ксюша tl


Polina Gagarina is my favorite female pop star in Russia and I was ecstatic when she was selected to represent Russia in 2015! Jake check our her other music videos!

Author — The Nosey Panda


Да, витот год денег не пожалели. Визуализация и вокал Гагариной =приятный номер. Это вам не Самойлова)))

Author — Gabi Belmont


One brilliant song from Russia. Can you immagine our reaction for Julia Samoilova compares with Polina and Sergey Lazarev🙊

Author — Marina P


самая лучшая <3 должна была победить.

Author — Ilona Mavi


There is something special about your smile that makes me always smile with you. I think it’s the truth in the eyes or something 🙂

Author — Rafał Dydkiem Machał


Politics, man. I think that’s why she didn’t win. This song totally had the potential and Moscow would’ve gladly hosted in 2016, should they have won. Russia and the whole Crimea situation led to Ukraine pulling out in 2015, of course, coming back and winning in 2016 with Jamala. All of that caused some backlash in Vienna and even in Copenhagen the year before. The Tolmachevy Sisters got booed in 2014, and still came in 7th. This led the EBU to install “anti-booing” technology for Vienna, especially for Russia. There’s videos by viewers of Polina audibly getting booed. Besides that, I think Polina would’ve won in 2015.

Author — Jose Rivera


The best Russian singers at Eurovision for all time:
1. Polina Gagarina
2. Dina Garipova
3. Sergey Lazarev
4. Serebro

Author — Alex Avdeev


I simply loved Russias entry, much better than Sweden and Måns Zelmerløw ( my neighbouring country )

Author — Steffen Kjeldsen


React to Italy 2015 Grande Amore by Il Volo

Author — Sandra Muniesa


Дааа, как же приятно видеть эти эмоции от нашей Полинки♥️
Всё-таки, она победитель, которого запомнят на долгое годы, как лучшие вокальное исполнение😽💕

Author — Лиза Туровец


Хотя бы мир послушал как надо петь ! Понравилось? Очень приятно!

Author — chutanov


your smile is so warm when you look at her :)

Author — Shessa Mu


Aww, I forgot about this gem! ❤️
But can you also react to Serbia’s 2004 song? Zeljko Joksimovi - Lane moje
Thank you Jakee!

Author — Milica Jovanovic


Все понятно, но только для тех кто знает инглиш... ПЛИЗ, сделайте кто нибудь ПЕРЕВОД!!! для ВСЕХ!!! СПАСИБО!

Author — Ан Бо


My own favourite from this year is Belgium. This year had one of the better Estonian entries as well. 2015 in general was a great year.

Whenever Russia got points the audience booed and at some point Polina was seen crying. This was the first year Eurovision had anti-boo technology used, since they anticipated something like this and Russia had been booed before.

Author — ankhefenra


Italy 2015 was the best, it even won the televote. I hope Italy gets it's first win since they returned soon.

Author — Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko


And 2nd place of 2010 Turkey Manga "We could be the same."

Author — Ufuk Sönmez


plz react to Alyosha - Sweet People (Ukraine) 2010

Author — Andro