Machine Gun Kelly - Sail (Official Music Video)

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Machine Gun Kelly - Sail (Official Music Video) 4.5

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Performed by Machine Gun Kelly

Directed by Mod Sun

Shot and edited by George Orozco (On Point Films)

Steadicam: Justin Jones

Powered by: @neffheadwear

Machine Gun Kelly - Sail (Official Music Video) | MGK

Machine Gun Kelly

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💬 Comments on the video

Real MGK fans know that the beginning is from the song chip of my block 💯

Author — William Lucas II


He's talented, no denying that. Get it. MGK is a bit addictive.

Author — HeatherB2244


*_"And that's word to Nipsey_*
*_My hustle's mean, I can sell bats to Ken Griffey"_*

*"R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle"*

Author — Vince Carter


People behave like this guy didnt exist before Rap Devil.

Author — Micco C


When your budget is 19 dollars but you make it work and rock it !!

Author — Israel Pantoja


I also feel like Eminem is secretly helping MGK get famous and to tell the truth, MGK completely deserves to be one of the best, keep it up MGK

Author — The Piano Mastery


"And thats word to Nipsey
My hustles mean, I can sell bats to Ken Griffey"

Author — FexCSGO


Who was a fan before the beef. #heresincedayone

Author — Megan Thomas


Why is this song not available on Spotify 😭😭😭

Author — Philip Friedrich


He is NOT a mumble rapper!
He is awesome 🤘🤘

Author — Gert Madsen


I’m probably responsible for 10 million of the views

Author — biancaaadaisy


Kells can do no wrong. This is such a sick track.

Author — Griffith Johnson


I use to hate this dude. But for no reason. Then i sat back and listened. MGK does do it. Great lyrics

Author — Bill Bixby


Shit... MGK been doin it right for years, where you cats been? Dont get me wrong, I'm an EM fan for life, but this cat is no joke either. Mad resepect!

Author — Broke A$$ R/C


Who still here in 2019? Remember the day this BANGER. Dropped

Author — Zach Morris


"But homie I'm stan" ..
We know..we know

Author — jblvs


2:02 Idk if y'all or know or not but R.i.p. Nipsey. Real recognize real. #EST4LIFE #LaceUp

Author — Price Checker


I feel like every time MGK drops a new single or video, we watch it just to come listen to sail again.

Author — Amaterasu


Today i realized that the girl in the bathroom is Juelz Ventura 0.0

Author — Georgikopoulos Manolis


MGK shouts out to NIP long before anyone

Author — Dillan Kersh