Hero - Enrique Iglesias

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Enrique Iglesias -

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This was our wedding song... 12 years ago.. now we are renewing our vows and this will be played once again. Love it.

Author — @MHPhotography722


This song takes us back to the past, when we believed in love...❤

Author — @norisantos6916


One of the most beautiful songs ever. ❤

Author — @patriciaappleyard3764


I heard this song in 2002. I have kept it in my heart ever since. Today, 20 years later, I still find this song new.
What a music
What a voice !

Author — @ganeshjagtap6760


August 2023 still gives me chills ❤ and still takes my breath away!!!! ❤ what an incredible song.

Author — @CarolynDesormeaux


When I was a little girl I used to love this song. Tonight, God brought it back into my mind. And I listened with different ears. I imagined God singing this to me now, and when I was a little girl. God is good. And He is your hero 🙏🏽✨

Author — @amarahoward3375


It's 2022 and this still gives me goosebumps 😫

Author — @kmdedits8748


Genuinely think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

Author — @danagricken4197


Es una expresión del corazón y el alma de quien ama de verdad, el y que salgan intérprete, y los instrumentos logran. Los sonidos perfectos, y que realmente el sentimiento del amor se sienta libre para ser escuchado ❤️

Author — @gloriacorrea4314


This song will never get old🥰Love💗It 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

Author — @jenniferdevine7776


This song brings back memories of a special person, who was to me my soulmate. He left for Afghanistan and never heard from him again. 13 years later he is still in my heart.

Author — @djzorn6358


I practice to play this song in my guitar it took me 2 years to be able to play it and sing it... it always gets to my heart

Author — @josueantunez6049


Now this is an Enrique masterpiece and whilst healing I listened to this song endlessly. It gave hope when it had all vanished..so it's my healing song...that I cried my eyes out too, and then laughed! The relief was beyond measure. Thank you Enrique...it wasn't personally sang to me, but the joy in all of this guys work is he makes ya believe its specially for you...xx

Author — @adrienne3334


This song tho 😢❤
You can never ever beat the classics ❤
His voice is something else 😍
This is what songs are all about raw and powerful the true meaning of life ✨️ ❤

Author — @Emily-zg1cn


This Song is eternal... No matter how much old is this song 😊



It is 2023 and I can never get enough of this song. Indeed legends are born not created.

Author — @phionalydia3756


My boyfriend sang this to me in 2004 and now we r married with 6 children in 2020. Makes me cry

Author — @chantelkendrick5368


The song is so touching that it catches my heart for always.

Author — @zhengtougeron6767


My uncle sang this song for my nani on her wedding day at the ages of 8/9 and grandad still has the video. And last year he sang it again for her birthday which made her cry with happy tears. 🥺❤

Author — @lollylolz1512


This has been sent to me and I am reaching for tissues, but I rather allow to have these tears flow, what words can create by being take this song to heart. Incredibly beautiful.
Awesome rendition thanks

Author — @corirowe7573