15 Departing Congress Members Tell The Newbies What To Expect | VICE News Tonight Special (HBO)

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15 Departing Congress Members Tell The Newbies What To Expect | VICE News Tonight Special (HBO) 4.5

When Alexandra Pelosi, documentarian and daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, sat down with 15 departing members of Congress in the last few months of 2018, her goal was to come out of it with something close to a guide for all the energetic new members.

Her main takeaway was that no one should expect to shake up Congress right away— it's an institution that’s been around a long time, it's set up to prevent drastic change, and it takes a long time for any individual member to actually get something done. Which is why it can be a very frustrating place.

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Former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.): “This is a meritocracy. Do not be a generalist. Be a specialist.”

Author — VICE News


One of the few times you can say "Not as good as your Mom" in a respectful conversation

Author — uhhhhiii


Gotta love how Washington is so insider that the interviewer is the speakers kid

Author — ironside eve


"If you're not at the table you're on the menu" is a FANTASTIC quote.

Author — Red Five


She did better journalism than actual journalist by actually letting them talk. I might disagree with her politically but damn this was good journalism.

Author — Mr. Chopsticks


"So why are you leaving Congress"

John Delaney - "Because I'm running for President"

Fast Forward to Jan 2020 - That was short lived haha

Author — KeepingUpWithTheWrights


This really humanized politicians to me

Author — Luis Garcia


"I could find a cure for cancer. They would accuse me of putting doctors out of work."

Author — James Baldock


So basically, everyone knows the system is messed up because of money and interest groups, but they won't do anything because they fear losing reelection. Cool.

Author — Toby Lister


I'm shocked how open they were with you, so interesting.

Author — Sophie


This video made a great point: members of Congress don’t live with each other in DC anymore. There’s no community among them. Like the video said it’s a commuter college.

Author — TomCook1993


2:58 "I could firnd the cure to cancer and they would accuse me of putting doctors out of work" crazy, because it is true

Author — Gurpreet Sandhu


I think people are missing the point of the video. The video discusses problems that both isles deal with. For example, the polarization between Democrats and Republicans leading to torn friendships across the aisle, compromise becoming a dirty word, the two-year election cycle leading to an inefficient congress for a year, getting rolled over by the party's agenda even if it goes against your own districts agenda, leaders of parties monopolizing committee chair positions, and the frustration of having good laws being passed slowly. It had nothing to do with being a liberal, conservative, democratic, progressive, socialist, Republican, or even being a member of the tea party. I'm sorry if this comment comes out as being aggressive, but I feel like people were missing the message that the video was trying to convey.

Author — ahri love


My main takeaway from this video is to get rid of money in politics. The notion of special interest groups rating members of congress on whether or not they are “republican” is absurd and undermines democracy. Representatives should represent their constituents, not people with a lot of money.

Author — William Wang


It's broken because of donors. Money is the evil arm of the Congress and Senate.

Author — Big DWP


This is really interesting, interviewing both parties

Author — Bryant Mitchell


The Zuckerberg hearing, face palms around the world.

Author — Nobleknight747


"we play rugby in the house they play in golf in the senate" hmmmm interesting analogy to describe how congress operates.

Author — TribalSolider


"Not as good as your mother, but not bad." 🤣🤣🤣 14:25

Author — Ben Egan


This is QUALITY content. Please keep doing this, we're learning how broken the modern system is from people that have no incentive to shut up and play the game.

Author — MyDoodad