8 Killer Tips And Tricks To Get Ahead In Kingdom Come Deliverance

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8 Killer Tips And Tricks To Get Ahead In Kingdom Come Deliverance 4.5
Learn how to lockpick, level up skills fast, earn more money from haggling and master archery with our Kingdom Come Deliverance tips and tricks. Got any Kingdom Come advice to share with beginners? Add it in the comments!

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It's amazing that this sold 1 million so fast with almost 0 support from any games media outlets and being buried on PSN. Can't wait to try it

Автор — Grundy


My tip is git gud, because this game is tough as nails

Автор — Matthew Hardwick


Playing on Xbox one X. The game is great. Like nothing I’ve played before . I especially like how you can really feel how in skilled your character is when you start and how you can feel him getting better at things as you level up, go from hardly able to wield a sword to slaying foes with superior skill. Combat feels awkward at first but after leveling up some combat becomes a lot of fun. The game looks beautiful when all textures are loaded in but the pop in needs to be improved with some patching and polishing. So far I’m really loving this RPG.



Lol did this help anyone? I came across this thinking it might show some hidden mechanics and its just things you figure out on your own fairly quickly

Автор — Gary Flowers


These people keep clearly didn’t even play the game. They mispronounce town names, consumables and characters. They just steal info from other channels and make videos without spending time and money playing the game.

Автор — Chatwin Battersby


For those of you that think you want to get this game. Warning, it is not for the faint of heart casual players. Time, Skill, and Memory is required. There are no difficulties.

Автор — Mozart Moses


Master haggler and alchemist, never in an rpg have I been interested in those skills as much as I am here lol

Автор — Kyle Ohlson


I have not enjoyed an RPG that felt this fresh since Fallout. Its imperfect in such a way that it somehow becomes close to masterful. I have to say the Czech Republic should be proud!

Автор — Luna_Dei


Tip 9: Get the Human Dustbin perk so you don't have to worry about your food spoiling :)

Автор — Trevor Storm


Narrator is the only female that can’t find the sweet spot with the vibrating stick.

Автор — Adam Stewart


I’m totally cheezing my lockpicking thank you 😂

Автор — good man


Why cheat with the bow? It’s fun to get good with it, for lack of a better phrase. I was really good with aiming it when I first started.

Автор — Seán O'Dingler


Caution with the blue tack on flat screen...it etches on the outside glass finish and looks like a faded circle.

I had the blue tack on and off for a few like a week.

Автор — CrowdControl2K8


Tip. Haggling constantly actually lowers your rep with merchants over time making the prices for sold items go down slightly and buying items go up. Instead give them a "tip" every now and then by over paying slightly to increase rep. Better prices over time.

Автор — Matthew Cawley


I don't know if I'm the only one but archery is really easy for me. I won against capon and also got the wine really easily. I guess Henry is op after all.

Автор — Sergeant Arch Dornan


Pebbles!!! You Scoundrell... I knew I liked you for a reason.

Автор — Zero Noctis


I do not intend to be mean when I say this, but the Miller's training chest is not an exploit. That was put there like that intentionally and the Miller says as much. While it may net you a few quick early levels, it is a far more tedious method than picking other locks as they give more XP per pick. So it will depend on the player.

Автор — Nathaniel Jernigan


I had no idea about Peshek's lockpick training chest. Also, you can train pickpocketing with him for free anytime. Just ask him to train it, steal his dagger, give it back, and ask to train again.

Автор — John Doe


Something to keep in mind saviour schnapps are alcohol so saving will make you drunk

Автор — Valik


Moving items to horse doesn’t work, I swear a guard came up to me and took everything stolen from the horse.

Автор — Jacob Bainbridge