⚽ 2018 FIFA World Cup 🏆 No Western Leaders Present At Opening Ceremony; Putin Couldn't Care Less

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⚽ 2018 FIFA World Cup 🏆 No Western Leaders Present At Opening Ceremony; Putin Couldn't Care Less 4.5
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The president’s words, that sports are apolitical, were confirmed by Putin's international meeting today. A number of heads of states and governments came to the opening of the World Cup in Moscow. The main topic of every conversation is cooperation.
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Скачать — ⚽ 2018 FIFA World Cup 🏆 No Western Leaders Present At Opening Ceremony; Putin Couldn't Care Less

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The west is still mad that Putin stopped them from putting a NATO base in Crimea and also from putting one in Syria, they are still trying, let's not forget that Russia also put a stop to the oil smuggling operation being done by the west through Turkey & Iraq from Syria.

Автор — rayochapin


Not to worry, friends before false flag criminals. Normal people around the world wish you well and a successful Games." He that laughs last, laughs best."

Автор — R l


thanks RI: I wish Russia the very best for this World Cup. Pax Christi

Автор — scott thomas


The number 1 LEADER was already there, Vladimir Putin. The rest doesn't matter. As long as the soccer players are in Russia. The party is complete.

Автор — Tatiana Cristina Da Silva


Its disappointing in such a Global event like this to bring nations together promoting peace, harmony etc among the leaders there is not a Western presence. Wish the Participating FIFA teams competing in soccer the very best. Im optimistic Pres Trump will restore broken relationship with Pres Putin and extend the right hand of fellowship to him. Pls view my Fathers Day message on youtube access with rev. waldensmith. Russian subtitles may be reqd. Appreciate if Olga can help. Rgds to the Bcast teams.

Автор — Walden Smith


Putin is not like a Boss.

He is The BOSS .!

Автор — zerin playstore


I hope no Western country from the G7 Club will be wining the World Cup. Especially the English destroyers. Russia deserves the win!! They are off to a good start and wish them well for the duration of the tournament.
God Bless.

Автор — Pierre Flamand


What I like about Putin is his love for his Country and that he depends on his own Country only.
All western leaders want to depend on each other, because they are cowards, like the govermemt and all polititions in my Country Greece.

Автор — Βασίλειος Παπασπυρόπουλος


Don't worry Russian Drouks !

ALL the Western Countries who will fail gaining the Cup will pretend : "It wasn't fair from the beginning ... the best proof = It was in Russia !"

IF one of the Western country win the Cup : they will just exchange the prepared speech to " We Thanks the Russian peoples for allowing us to win !"

Like yesterday, on the MAIN French (I am btw, I know being French is a kind of incurrable disease !) State owned TV Channel, a sad clown pretending to be a Journalist in Moscow was in a report to say "The world cup ? it doesn't interesr Russians ... they prefer Hockey ... that explain why there is almost nobody on red square !"

When I consider I share the same citizenship that this piece of turd ... I feel ashamed ! ;-))

Автор — Fred Tog


No western leaders means less drunkhards on official receptions: keeps Russian WC facilities cleaner.

Автор — LisaPet


Great at least no one will spoil the opening with anti Russian propaganda.

Автор — Про Россия


And yet western propaganda is crying in hysteria about racism in Russia...

Автор — Seva Rogue


Dear Russia Congratulations, and there are no western leaders only puppets .

Автор — Ploppy Ploppy


Who needs them, they are pretty much like bed bugs!!

Автор — John Dudley


We will vote these bastards out of office next time. European leaders act like babies. They don't do what the people want. Western leaders see Russia as an enemy, while the people want better relationship. I wish you a great WC... love from the Netherlands

Автор — pulaat


IT JUST SHOWS OUR western world right UP. The weak so called leaders of the ""FREE WORLD "" that did not attend to be a figurehead for their countries FOOTBALL teams are cowards and as weak as p...s. A bit like a spoilt kid who doesn't want to go to a birthday because hes too scared to be seen there in case he us EXPOSED ?
RIGHT you peasant so called leaders. PUTINS speech was about SPORT. I'm disgusted to be considered "" in the FREE western world "" its sport for GODS sake you pampered rabble.

Автор — Doug Carter


Russia is the leader of the world thank Allah for Putin, look how nations go towards Russia for guidance assistance and fair play amazing.

Автор — Rise4justice


They are still sore that they couldn't stop Russia from hosting the world, the western leaders are the most corrupt, manipulative, evil satanic people in the world and no loss in their absence, in fact the air will be sweeter.

Автор — Peter Rumsby


So glad me tiny Caribbean nation kicked USA out of the World Cup.

Автор — Lawrence Fortune


The title is misleading. They all want to be there. A sporting event turned into apolitical event shows who is mature on the playground. West is salty. Oh well. We host FIFA Russia won vs Saudi Arabia nice game both played well Putin sat with King Salman amd had great time. What else to say

Автор — misha 2.0