[Payday 2] Death Wish - GO Bank (Loud)

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Hey general, It would be really nice if you could upload more heists that were just enjoyable, sorta like this one, even if you have done a video on it already, just taking a few games from your streams and uploading them to youtube for people to watch goes a long way, they don't even have to be death wish, just any games that went well, or were particularly fun to play.

Author — eric jiga


I have to add this..
Player 1: "Okay guys, I've got the bag!"
Player 2: "Man, I wanted to grab that bag."
Player 3: "Dude, that was totally my bag!"
Player 4: "I have no idea what I'm doing here."

11/10 would buy again
From Steam Payday2

Author — Syukri R.Robert


Bain: "There's a police counterstrike on the way" Me: I see what you did there...

Author — heavymental


Hey Gen? Would you be up for doing a series where you go through the little nuances of missions, like a guide for lower levels? Like for instance with stuff on Rats Day 2, some people don't know if you should or shouldn't throw the bags, and how the gangs accept 1 bag if you're threatening enough, stuff like that,

Author — Stilichos


hey general just a question here what level do you have to be to unlock this hiest

Author — Adam Fontaine


Gen, may I ask, what's your rig?

Because when I EVER get a really good laptop/desktop in the somewhat-near future if the one I have breaks or is someday unusable, I always wanted to play PAYDAY 2 on fullscreen with smooth framerate, instead of playing it in a 640x480 window or playing it on 640x480 fullscreen like I do now.

Author — papa necron


Hey General, just to let you know, amazing videos bro, they keep me entertained for hours on end! Subbed :D

Author — ZynapEdits


What attachments do you use on your G36 for deathwish?

Author — CathodeRay


When are you going to do this mission stealth? :O

Author — youngrisey


Just a tip for masterminds, you don't have to get out of cover (Like when Gen have done in 17m) you just need to aim above your partner just to dont start helping it normally. Hope i helped you guys :D
PS: For those who already know, just keep in mind that you could teach to other people too :D

Author — João Victor de Campos


I love loud on GO Bank, escape method is fun.

Author — JustSomeGuy


Looking forward to Hoxton Breakout? I really want to see how you and your team will tackle that heist, personally.

Author — foxoutofhell


I bet there's gonna be some noob in the comments saying "But-But- how would Keycards help SAVE THEM?".

Then a gigantic Flame War.

Author — sperberc01


What's the best weapons for going loud?

Author — Justin L


Hello, ''GeneralMcBadass'' Your Youtube channel, is so awesome, you deserves alot of more subscribers bro, but i have soemthing to say. I found a guy named ''GeneralMcBadass'' wich wasnt you, when i saw i joined that guy i was like ''Wow holy shit its him!'' It was Firestarter Death Wish, the fun thing was, the guy was in level V-100 And he had the same mask as you. (That rainbow mask or wtf) But then, he started he cheating, i asked him, are you the real Mcbadass? He said, yea ofc. Then i showed the real account of GeneralMcBadass, (your account) And then i showed that guy him. I said ''Then who's this?'' he said ''faker'' Its just, annoying. So there might be some namefakers out there General, watch out. But stay awesome, my favourite Youtuber ;)

Author — Andemand


Where did you got Storm Trooper dozer mod? LoL it sounds funny xD

Author — Cpt


When I was playing Payday 2 I was putting planks on window right there was coming police and then he smack his face on on that barricad. I laugh so much. 😂

Author — Pellervo Hakulinen


Great vid, you're becoming famous by now :). I've just met the 3rd GeneralMcBadass this week ingame :>.

Author — McToast1337


I really envy most people who play payday with high graphics

Author — 右左


I got one question: Is it better if i take all infamous points at one skilltree or if I take at every skilltree one point?

Author — Vitus Schweiger