I'm A Foodie | Extreme Cheapskates

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

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Ladies and gentlemen he's the first man who is homeless in his own house

Author — ExplodingCreeperAnimation ECA


Imagine the poor guys face who’s breaking into his house lmao

Author — Odens 1412


I like how he makes it a point to tell us he doesn’t wear underwear.

Author — TokkiRae


Everyone laughing until he launches his own underwear company with his saved up money and takes over the world with his one bland egg

Author — Steve Taylor


"I'm a foodie. There's nothing better than good food!"

*proceeds to eat unseasoned, plain scrambled eggs out of the pan*

Author — Spooky


What I have always wondered is what extreme cheapskates like this guy save all that money for. Like what are you going to save all that money for if you never spend it anyways?

Author — TheProfessional


“Foodie Lifestyle”. He looks like a survivor of hurricane katrina.

Author — Shinoxxi


I feel like his more of a minimalist than a cheap person. There’s ways to get free old furniture at no cost. Anyways this was depressing, a foodie and just eats eggs.

Author — JO EL


Cheapskate logic
“I’m saving money”

*proceeds to never spend it*

Author — Justin Bassit


Tyler Durden: "The things you own, end up owning you."

This guy: *Challenge accepted*

Author — beegchunguz


"I'm a foodie"
*Sits on the floor and eats 1 unseasoned scrambled egg*

Author — Shashty


Great anti-robbery setup. Robber is like "he's got a peanut bed and some eggs bro let's hit nextdoor instead"

Author — Inspiring Music


He is basically living like a homeless person would in his own house. needs to realize that Money is useless if you don't spend it on yourself or those you care about to live life well.

Author — Mustafa


There’s a thin line between genius and insanity. He’s right on the line lol

Author — Georgey2tymes


oh, so, we're giving nicknames to basic survival, are we?

well, in that case, I consider myself a "Sleepie"

Author — Lemar Sullivan


Imagine being a thief trying to rob the house.

The thief be like: 👁👄👁

Author — Joseph Bukan Yoseph


I got a foam bed in a box, cost me two hundred bucks and it's super comfortable. Other than that, the rest of my furniture was given to me or picked off the curb during fall clean up from my neighbours. You don't need much to be comfortable.

Author — Cherry Trap


He probably had an upbringing where he didn’t have much, so he grew up and lives without needing much. There is no problem with living like this (although it is pretty sad) as long as it doesn’t affect other people.

Author — Peeper


This man looks so happy and healthy. At the end of the day that’s really all that matters

Author — D.S. Red


I would love to see a girls face when he brings over a girlfriend, and here’s the bed.

Author — d n