Trump's Summit with Putin: A Closer Look

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Trump's Summit with Putin: A Closer Look 4.5
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland and delivering one of the most surreal performances by a president in modern American history.
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Trump's Summit with Putin: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Russia, if you're listening, where's Trump's taxes?

Автор — Nightstone


7:20 The look of regret on Putin's face is clear. "I've installed an idiot."

Автор — Lashan


"And what is the server saying?" Does...Does he know what a server is?

Автор — tipoomaster


Ghee, his stupidity is unbearable ...

Автор — Mardan P.


He's like a kid doing an oral report on a book he never read.

Автор — hoosierhiver


He walks in front of the queen, even if she's just an old lady that's so disrespectful.

Автор — Captain Smoke


Im not American and I feel embarrassed.

Автор — Abdul


Trump truly, 100%, is the child called on in class and doesn't have the answer, and he's going to BS his way right thru it rather than admit he's wrong. And when he gets to meet his hero Putin, he's the child who wets his pants in excitement

Автор — Albert Gaspar


5:46 Trump": your team did very well"
Putin: lost, you idiot"
Trump: "It was one of the greatest losses ever. believe me"

Автор — a Washington


Remember all that noise that Republicans were making about Pres. Obama, and his policy of "appeasement"? Many of those same empty vessels have nothing to say now. They're either silent or provide cover for this trash.

Автор — CDawg


maybe he meant to say northern ireland hahahhhaaaahahahaha the stupidiest president of all times

Автор — peter daniels


And Trump starts with, "Brexit is, uh..." Oh, this is gonna be a good speech.

So when Trump and Putin are going to be alone, what's the safe word? You gotta set boundaries if you're going to be in a dom and sub relationship.

Автор — Montesama314


Honestly I don't even have the strength anymore. 2 years and it is still not believable in my mind. I'm so sad, and I'm not even american.

Автор — Blue


Oh my God. Trump is dumb. It is so painful to watch him answer question or talk. He lacks common knowledge.

Автор — Gaetan Petit


Trump sounds like he is working for Putin.

Автор — Monika Weitzel


I can't stand the way he REPEATS and REPEATS! and REPEATS! ugh!

Автор — Mely G


Of course Putin denied interference in the election. You’d have to suffer total brain apoptosis to admit to that on _global television._

Автор — Heracross X


How do you walk in front of the Queen? It’s her house. You know where you’re going?🤦🏾‍♀️It’s the Queen!
Is it heart breaking 🤦🏾‍♀️so stupid

Автор — Charisma Dixon


Trump's face looks like it's melting away, but I'm not surprised if it's trying to escape from him.

Автор — AllAboutTheAFC


The headline should be: "PUTIN TRUMPS THE USA"
Trump has been an asset of Vladimir Putin since they first met in 1987. Putin was a KGB Agent posing as a translator for Foreign Businessmen at the time. People who paid attention to the Trump scandals, which have been hundreds over the decades, already knew a lot of the problems with Trump. Some of those people tried to warn others, and some of those people didn't care that he was an asset of an enemy government and cashed in on Putin's plan to subvert our government. THOSE people are traitors.
I strongly suggest that every member of the Electoral College for the 2016 election be investigated. Some may have been bribed for their votes. (Start with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on that investigation, because she was a member of the Electoral College despite the conflict of interest and be sure to look into overseas holdings with her.) Some may have been threatened into voting for Trump, because the Russian Mob - which is Putin's bloody left hand in the USA - uses terrorism to gain control of people, threatening the lives of people's children and families on a regular basis to get people to comply with their orders. Those States that have "members at large" appointed by the governor of that state need to seriously consider changing their system, because that is a weak link when it comes to electoral security.
And EVERY Democrat and Independent in this nation - and all sane Republicans - need to make a clean sweep out of office of those Republicans in Congress that have not fought Trump's agenda. Any one of them - and likely many of them - could be Russian assets. You can almost bet that is why Paul Ryan is not running for another term.
It is noteworthy that corrupt Florida Governor Rick Scott - the one who put Pam Bondi in the Electoral College - is running for Congress in the 2018 election. He is spending an INCREDIBLE amount of money to run a smear campaign against his opponent, Bill Nelson, who has no apparent actual scandals to smear him with. So Scott's campaign is really having to make crap up on this smear campaign, and is sending out inflammatory e-mails that they hope won't be forwarded to the FBI. Please recall that Republican Rick Scott was the CEO in charge of creating business practices that resulted in a ONE BILLION EIGHT-HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR CONVICTION AGAINST THE CORPORATION HE RAN, FOR PROVEN MEDICARE FRAUD CONVICTIONS! Then, when that corporation gave Rick Scott a golden parachute to get him to resign, he started ANOTHER CORPORATION THAT ENDED UP CONVICTED OF ROUGHLY TWO MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF MEDICARE FRAUD! Once could be coincidence, but twice is a pattern. And when his company was being investigated for Medicaid fraud in Florida, he suddenly had a ton of money to pour into an election for Governor. Shortly after he was elected, that investigation was quietly closed.
I'm sure there are a lot of similar histories out there right now, that really need to be investigated. I sincerely hope that our Justice Department has the funding and manpower to do so (although the Republicans have been cutting Justice Department funding for the last three decades or so) and that we can find out the truth behind the corruption that has overcome our Democratic Republic. We have a lot of cleaning to do, Fellow Citizens, and the first place to do that is our Congress. LET'S MAKE 2018 THE YEAR WE SAVE OUR NATION!

Автор — Lily Darkmoore