Disasters of the Century - Season 3 - Episode 35 - Swiss Air Crash | Ian Michael Coulson

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Disasters of the Century - Season 3 - Episode 35 - Swiss Air Crash | Ian Michael Coulson 4.5

Swissair Flight 111 was a scheduled international passenger flight from New York City, United States, to Geneva, Switzerland. All 229 passengers and crew aboard the MD-11 died—the highest death toll of any McDonnell Douglas MD-11 accident in aviation history, and the second-highest of any air disaster to occur in Canada, after Arrow Air Flight 1285, which crashed in 1985 with 256 fatalities. This is one of the three MD-11 accidents with passenger fatalities along with China Eastern Airlines Flight 583 and another hull loss of China Airlines Flight 642.

Directed by Chris Triffo
Starring Ian Michael Coulson, Bruce Edwards, Jason Malloy

Ian Michael Coulson as Interviewee
Bruce Edwards as Narrator
Jason Malloy as Pilot
Amanda Cutting as Debroah

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Author — Bad Day HQ


My parents were supposed to take that flight, but luckily they decided to stay longer in New York. I still can't wrap my head around that fact, I mean I wouldn't be here if they decided differently.

Author — Dawa Zobrist


I had a friend whose parents were on this flight. Her mom was terrified of flying, but she and her husband had just retired and they both really wanted to visit Europe. So she took one of those "fear of flying" classes that helps you deal with your fear and teaches you about the physics of flight, how the plane stays in the air, etc., and boosts your confidence about modern aircraft, the pilots and so on.

She was still nervous but they were so excited about the trip. They knew how much I loved the southern French coast and the day before they left, she had this big smile on her face as she told me they'd be sure to bring me a gift from Marseille or Nice.

I remember turning on the TV the next morning and Marc Rosset, a tennis pro who had just been eliminated from the U.S. Open, was talking about how he was supposed to be on "that flight" but decided to spend another night in New York at the last minute. My heart sunk. I knew he was from Switzerland and I just prayed that "that flight" was one other than Swiss Air 111. It wasn't, of course. The news was on every channel. I just kept thinking to myself, "this can't be real. They've made a mistake. It has to be some other flight." Classic denial.

It's just sickening to think about the terror my friend's mom must have felt. Comforting her and getting her through her parents' funeral was probably the worst week of my life. Of course whatever I felt was nothing compared to what she and the other families went through. I was glad I could be there for her, but it was like having my heart break every hour for five days straight. I never felt so helpless and so useless in my life.

I still get these sick-to-my-stomach pangs in my gut every time I see or read something about this flight. RIP to all those on board.

Author — Zac Harding


As soon as he said McDonnell Douglas I knew it was over. RIP to all those lost.

Author — Max


Smoke in the cockpit, get down as fast as possible

Author — Detective Gainz


I love this series, short and to the point without regurgitating the same information over and over as if we have the attention span of a 2 year old to pad out an hour long show.

Author — Rebel9668


How is it not an emergency or a reason to land as soon as you see a smoke?!! It looks like they could save lives.

Author — Wallflower 36


I had a very close friend who was on that flight. It is still very difficult to this day to think about him and his family.

Author — NeoWerks


Immediately when u discover smoke it is an emergency

Author — Fukushima Kingdom


Horrific to think what the crew and passengers went through. RIP.

Author — Ms. Ren


I am not an expert on aviation by any means but I know that an emergency should have been declared at the first indication of smoke and the pilots should have diverted to the nearest airport. The delay was deadly for all on the plane

Author — Brad McCullough


My condolences to the families of the deceased and RIP to those who died.

Author — Cpmf Feilberg


Respect to the people who volunteered to go out to help

Author — J A


They should have landed as soon as possible when the smoke detected in the cockpit. Unnecessary delaying caused the disaster.

Author — paradise1711


A smoke test that can "take up to 20 minutes"!!!???? Absurd. Land immediately.

Author — Arcturusgold


Anyone else cried with the story of the child? 😞😞😞

Author — Alicia B-G


This accident didn't come as a surprise to me. In the early nineties I worked at Fokker Aircraft at Schiphol, in a department responsible for electrical wiring. Swissair was the launch customer of the Fokker 100. We got word that one of the first production Fokker 100s was in D-check at Fokker Woendsdrecht. During a D-check the entire interior is removed, so we took the opportunity to survey the condition of the wiring.
We spent a whole Sunday investigating as much wiring as we could, of course particularly in locations of severe exposure. We shot many, many photographs for later analysis. It brought us a wealth of information.
The most surprising thing we found, was that Swissair had installed a lot of their own wiring. Although they had obviously tried to do it in a decent fashion, it was not done according the standards and specifications by which Fokker would have installed it. This made these 'custom' cables vulnerable to damage to the wire insulation. Due reporting on our behalf was met at Swissair with an attitude best decribed as 'Shut up. It's our aircraft, we know what we're doing'. Almost as if they knew the aircraft better than we did. . . .

Author — Ger Dik


When he talked about finding the baby and knowing no one in the family would ever hold the child again - that was heart shattering. I can't imagine how that poor man carries that memory with him every day.

Author — Greeneyelove


They gave all airlines 4 years to remove the flammable Mylar, 4 YEARS! That's how much they valued you and your loved ones lives/safety....

Author — Justin Schultz


Such accomplished and wonderful people on that plane, people who gave more to the world than they took. What a tragedy.

Author — Amelie Lopez