Life is Strange - Best of - Original Soundtrack - Background Music

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I do not own this, all right belong to Dontnod Entertainment, Square Enix and the composers.

I really encourage you to play the game, it's truly an amazing experience.

This is not all the soundtrack, but the songs I think are the best.

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its 12:23am, I just finished pretty much all of my art projects in one night and now I'm in my warm comfy bed listening to this beautiful soundtrack and texting someone i care about. I have school in 6 hours but I just want to stay up and enjoy the night, and not worry about tomorrow because life has been going so fast lately. i am calm and content right now, and this game and soundtrack means a lot to me. anyway sorry for the rant, I hope anyone who reads this has a good day/night

Author — cookie


I wish i could play life is strange again but all over without any memory of it

Author — max schreuders


Max: "My powers might not last, Chloe..."
Chloe: "That's Ok, we will...forever...."

Max: "I'm so glad you're my partner in crime"
Chloe: "As long as you're my partner in time"

Max: "You make me feel like, I know what I'm doing"
Chloe: "And you make me feel like I have a reason for still being in Arcadia Bay"
Chloe: "Once you get over yourself, you're gonna make the world bow"
Max: "As long as you're there with me"
Chloe: "Don't look so sad...I'm never leaving you"

Chloe: "Max you finally came back to me this week, and you did nothing but show me your love and friendship .You made me smile and laugh, like I haven't done in years...Wherever I end up after whatever reality, all those moments between us were real, and they'll always be together this week, it was the best farewell gift I could have hoped for...You're my hero

Chloe: "I always love you..."
Chloe: "And Max Caulfield..don't you forget about me"
Max: "Never"

Author — Kampf Muffins


life is strange affected me in a way that it will always be part of my life

Author — 鹿鹿梦 x Somili


The background music of Life is Strange always leaves pit in my stomach. A good pit. I love it. It works its way into my throat and sits there. No other music has ever done that to me before. I live it. I can't get enough of it.

Author — Custard Cosplays


Chloe writes, "Just gotta let go" and below that are all the pictures she cares about and then at the bottom it says "I can't"

I remember looking through every corner in her room, but I completely missed this and it's really hitting me now.

This game, guys...

Author — Mayflower018


If anyone reads this:
You're an awesome person, and never let anyone tell you any different. You'll always find that there's more to yourself than what you think there is. If you feel like you're going through any rough times, let this music drift you away and allow you relax your mind and thoughts for a little bit.

Author — harbinger 75


Whenever I hear soundtrack from this game I'm thinking about a whole story and it makes me sad because I won't get a chance to have an "adventure" like that

Author — Nihon


Wouldn’t mind listening to this on my death bed.

Author — Aaronnn 👻


oh man
I was trying to hear some music to help me to write, and then I found this video
I love LiS, and... seriously I can't hear ANY song of that fucking game because I remember of every moment of this and just made me cry every fucking time
gosh, this game is so amazing

Author — Yukito San


Whenever I hear the start menu music my heart, to put it in scientific terms, goes "woOosh"

Author — Kensei


Idk why but I feel like this game represents so much the real life. The pain. The power of a choice. Love. Friendship. Childhood. It hurts everytime that I listen to this compilation but it's good, u know? I love how this game made me find something good in the middle of the storm...

Author — Lary SD


Life is Strange, despite being a game with many, many flaws, will always be important to me. Seeing past some of the awkward dialogue or odd plot points and you'll find a story, atmosphere, and feeling simply unlike anything I've seen yet. Arcadia Bay is still one of my favorite video game settings, primarily because of the slow, calming mood it envokes despite all that happens in its borders. Part of that is because of how this amazing soundtrack was used to paint a landscape that became a character just as much as Max and Chloe did

Author — ThrawnGames


21:35 my favourite, it made me feel like im in the actual game, thinking about life

Author — deedee


The last of us
Life is Strange
Beyond two souls
Red dead R 2

Beantiful games with amazing soundtrack

Author — Hoponopono


Life is Strange can't really be put into words. I'm playing it for the second time now, because it teaches so much about how important every small decision in life is and that because of that you should live slowly. The Soundtrack always brings back that life lesson to my head and I love the calmness the music has to it.

Author — xoxo.V


2 years after playing this game i'm still here listening to their musics... it feels so good

Author — Igor Almeida


Does anyone else play this while going to sleep?☺

Author — Daniel E.


I have a friend who reminds me of chloe. Sometimes I just want to live in Arcadia bay, and hang with that friend. We would probably hang at that junkyard and talk about the flaws of our world, and walk along the train tracks and talk about how we wish moments like this would never end. Listening to this music again makes me wanna go there. Have adventures like they did.

Author — Charlotte Eliasen


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this ad free masterpiece together. I’ve posted here before, but I want to just say that I listen to it when I’m anxious, when everything in the world feels wrong, and when everything in the world feels right. The other day I sat on a pier in NYC on my break, closed my eyes, and listened to the waves, while simultaneously listening to this score. I shut off the noise of the city and just cried, as I lived in this moment for a little while. I’ve been listening to this video for years. Thanks for sharing it.

Author — Brittany Hottmann