The Lost Trailers - Holler Back

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In that holler back in the woods
Where the country folks got it good
Homebrewed, homegrown
Where the wild seeds 'a get sown
It's a blast from the past
All the cowgirls shakin' their sassafras
Let out a howl if 'ya feel like 'ya gotta
If you wanna go on back to the holler
Holler back

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I'm a 50-year-old black woman, and I LOVE this song! It's playing full blast in my kitchen right now, y'all.

Author — Angie Martin Hall


Wish they would play it on the radio more

Author — joehendrickson5


Lost Trailers 2018? Hell of a band...blast from the past..right behind Lynird Skynerd

Author — Jeff George


I'm a skater girl but was born country and no matter how far I go from my hometown, certain country artists will always have a place in my heart. <3

Author — CherokeeBaby101


In case anyone is wondering, the red structure in the video is called The Calder in Grand Rapids, MI. I was so surprised to see it in the video since this is where I grew up. Awesome song and great video!

Author — Holly Witter


Jesus it's been awhile since I've heard this

Author — Nick Bible


Nothing Better Than {Truck Pull's,   Bonfires, & Country Music}..  On The Outskirts Of Town.   {American + Freedom = Awesomeness}..   Hell Yeah..

Author — Nelson Lopez


Who else thinks the lost trailers need to be found again?

Author — Joshua Brooks


This group came to the children's Hospital in nashville- visiting the kids including my son- who was almost killed in a car accident. They were very nice and stayed for a few minutes and also left a signed autograph. My son has a brain injury and does not remember it but It was a nice visit!! Thank you guys so much!!! Keep it up!

Author — Jennifer Ortiz


Born and raised in Middle Tennessee. I LOVE THIS SONG. It helped me remember home when I had to move to North Dakota for 4 years, but now I'm back and don't plan to leave any time soon.

Author — Dragon Lover


Theirs nothing better than a good country song! No matter who you are or where you live!!!

Author — NikalaLou


This song needs to be blasted i can't listen to it quietly .... i don't care if my friend is still sleeping
I think it is a good alarm clock

Author — Joe G.


the only problem with country music is that both of the country stations around me play only 20 differnt songs. I remeber when this was on the radio.

Author — 3588CaseiH


dont you hate how the world is being taken over by pop when we have great talent like this still here and singing...holla back if you still keepin it country!!!

Author — devon lindsey


drinking bud listening to good music, cant beat it

Author — Brandon M


Never heard of them but they're gonna be at the concert with Blake that im goin to

Author — Ashley M


reminds me of a really young Chris this band



holla back from maryland. love this song and them.

Author — Courtney Paul


They are opening for Brad Pasiley here in Omaha NE. At the Red Sky Musical Festival
On 7/20/12

Author — Stephanie Baird


saw them preform this song last weekend in Mississippi @ the Indian Fair. They opend up for Clint Black, and might I say, I enjoyed them MORE!! :)

Author — lara helmly