The Lost Trailers - Holler Back

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In that holler back in the woods
Where the country folks got it good
Homebrewed, homegrown
Where the wild seeds 'a get sown
It's a blast from the past
All the cowgirls shakin' their sassafras
Let out a howl if 'ya feel like 'ya gotta
If you wanna go on back to the holler
Holler back

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I'm a 50-year-old black woman, and I LOVE this song! It's playing full blast in my kitchen right now, y'all.

Author — Angie Martin Hall


Who else thinks the lost trailers need to be found again?

Author — Joshua Brooks


Wow it's been so long since I've heard this. 2020

Author — Yötë Longwulf


In case anyone is wondering, the red structure in the video is called The Calder in Grand Rapids, MI. I was so surprised to see it in the video since this is where I grew up. Awesome song and great video!

Author — Holly Witter


Wish they would play it on the radio more

Author — joehendrickson5


Lost Trailers 2018? Hell of a band...blast from the past..right behind Lynird Skynerd

Author — Jeff George


reminds me of a really young Chris this band



Jesus it's been awhile since I've heard this

Author — Nick Bible


Nothing Better Than {Truck Pull's,   Bonfires, & Country Music}..  On The Outskirts Of Town.   {American + Freedom = Awesomeness}..   Hell Yeah..

Author — Nelson Lopez


drinking bud listening to good music, cant beat it

Author — Brandon M


I love this song. I have a friends exactly like that. I make fun of em

Author — rainick


I'd ditch my city life for the country in a instant, I grew up listening to Country music and that's where my heart grew up at however my life has not.

Author — Nyxful


My daddys name is Earl! We call this the Earl song. Haha(:

Author — Kaitlyn Wallace


This video was shot in my home area. I did their makeup and hair and helped with the production crew. Way way cool. And I wasn't even a country fan but couldn't pass up the job. The guys all made it fun for me .. and did an awesome job on this song. I think it went to #12 on the charts.

Author — peanutlee33


First time I herd this song..
Made me laugh!! I love this song..

Author — Amanda Dage


My Hometown. G.R MI that they are in... WOOHOOO <3

Author — Amanda Williams


I love y'all! The wv version of this is awesome!

Author — Paige Poff


Who else is still listen to this song, 2017 😊

Author — Cheyanne King


Born and raised in Middle Tennessee. I LOVE THIS SONG. It helped me remember home when I had to move to North Dakota for 4 years, but now I'm back and don't plan to leave any time soon.

Author — Dragon Lover


This is a band I actually met right at the height of their success with this song...I even have an autographed poster they gave me. I miss them a lot!

Author — Michael Gaudio