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My everyday makeup 4.5
this is so old, ugh


Default - it only hurts
Three days grace - misery loves my company
Bullet for my valentine - Say goodnight

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All these people saying she's wearing too much makeup, and that disgusting statement of "this is why you take her swimming on the first date", and then you have people saying she looks ugly without makeup. Why bother coming onto this video which is clearly about her makeup and her makeup routine, just to post hate and horrible comments? It's her face and her choice whether she wears makeup and how much makeup she wears. And she looks beautiful either way. So, just get off the internet and go learn some manners and common decency.

Author — Eve Gillett


Better than most 15 year olds doing their makeup tbh

Author — Kaede


don't know why people are hating, this has always been my fave video of yours and i did my makeup like this every day senior year because i loved it so much xx

Author — lizzy rae


oh god this video is 1 year old, I barely use face makeup now e.e

Author — Milkgore


She was a mf master at eyebrows and still is

Author — Nick Gers


oh god she's so good at makeup it hurts ;-;

Author — mctit bitch


when i heard three days grace i screamed >//u\\<

Author — 0.D 0RANGE


Half of my Spotify playlist is the songs you use over you videos *-* you have fantastic taste !! ^_^

Author — Greer Alex


You're literally so beautiful, please don't listen to the people who wrote you mean comments because they must be blind :)

Author — archana maya


Wooow, you're so beautiful even with no makeup *^*

Author — Alex Lee


even now in 2016 i continue loving this video <3

Author — Ro Uscanga


You are gorgeous and I thought your foundation looked flawless!

Author — Kiras_Last_Light


Loved how the eyebrows end up so natural that i thought it would!

Author — Clara TF


Everyone needs to stop bitching about the amount of eyeliner or foundation she used. Get over it. It isn't your body or your preferred way to do makeup, fine, but keep the comments to yourself. No one wants to hear you complain.

Author — Takumi


Goodness, those eyebrows are beautiful. 

Author — Kianaaahhh


omg three days grace 😍😍 mistery loves my company 😍😍😍

Author — zniesmaczony kot


She doesn't need makeup she is already so pretty. And I love the hair I have short hair so I can't do it.

Author — Kaitlyn Stuart


Lmao, feeling nostalgic and watching the tutorials that built middle school emo me.

Author — Brianna Warner


if I put on that much liquid foundation my skin would be as oily as a piece of bacon within a couple of hours XD love you hanna <333

Author — Megan Walker


Where are you from? :o
You're sooo pretty, I wanna look like youuu :C

Author — Bunny Slippers