DIY Wood Stove made from Car Rims

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DIY Wood Stove made from Car Rims 5

How to make a Wood Stove from Car Rims & Cast Iron Manhole Covers & Frames.

This stove is made from old 16" Car Rims and Upcycled Cast Iron Manhole Covers & Frames.

Hope you enjoy the video and always remember....Rust is Gold!  

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Later that day the neighbor across the street comes over wondering why his car is sitting on blocks.

Author — Troy Adamson


One of the best how to videos I have ever seen, no fing around just get to the point
at double speed instead of dragging it out for an hour, dam good work.

Author — Archie Redman


Here's a thought maybe and just maybe he enjoys making things, so what if his welding isn't as good as an oil rig worker, i`m sure people who paint dont give up because they aren't as good as Da Vinci , i`m sure people who grow their own vegetables dont do it to save a few pence, it`s called having a hobby, an interest, enjoying what you do, a life, which is sadly lacking by by the morons who comment by saying, "you could just buy one" . Maybe you should try doing something productive instead of being the obvious waste of space you project yourself as being by your negative comments .

Author — Mark C


Everyone becomes an expert when watching somebody else weld. Post your welds so we can talk smack about them.

Author — Wildroot Organics


Loved love loved this video! My son in law's a top grade welder. I've sent him this video. He's going to try this stove. I myself going to try to learn basic welding skills! I'd be a novice though. Maybe never accomplish something that intence, but he said he's going to show me basics!
Maybe I can learn it! Lol! I can see the total precision you've got this down and a your a perfectionist! It's a beautiful piece you've made. I could only hope to ever do anything like well, not even close to that stove! Bravo! Fantastic workmanship! Total pro! Thank you. Dee Dee

Author — drlmala


I like it! I would use it! One question... You welded everything except the handle? Why did you bother to drill and tap the handle when you could have just welded that too. I know! You ran out of welding sticks! Right? Just out of curiosity... How many sticks and cutoff wheels do you think you used for this project?

Author — Time Flys in the Shop


That was one of the best videos I’ve seen on YouTube. I hit the like AND subscribe buttons. Also, thank you for not putting any distracting music to it. The video spoke for itself. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Great work!!!

Author — HayabusaOrlando


I love the ingenuity of materials and the honesty of the build. Don't take any notice of anyone trying to rubbish the welds or criticise how it should be constructed. You don't see them taking the time and effort to post their efforts on here. I think you did a brilliant job 👍🏻

Author — Jason Phillips


When you can create something useful from scrap that serves your needs that's a good thing .Those who said it was not a good project, must remember, he built that stove for him not you . Good job.

Author — Captain David Kusterer



Author — Andria Cassales


Wow, this little stove is way cool dude. I used to love to go to my dad's garage and sit with him near one that he had. His was made from a 50 gallon drum. He made it, laying it on its side. It was great when I was a kid! He did a lot of wood working and it got cold in Maine in winter back in the 70's. I liked your video and subscribed!❤

Author — Catherine Tetrault


I am impressed, you made it suphisticately with patience and a very clever way! i want to have one but i don't think will happen bec here in phillippines the labor cost me a lot. thanks anyway for the best idea you shared!., I really loved it!

Author — Ofelia Del Mundo


3:14 Preparing for the barbecue? Nice build indeed. :)
However, I think a flame deflector plate will improve efficiency. It's simply an angled plate where the gasses have to pass before entering the chimney pipe.
This means the gasses have to be in there for a longer time and will be burned more efficiently.

Author — Kalle Klæp


I use to make rim stoves back in the 80's, there great! Made a version with a water jacket just above the door, made hot water fast!

Author — Harry Wehrman


Great Job! Learned some good tips here, bricks instead of holders/magnets, genius move. Also, liked how using some simple tools were able to produce a high quality burner that will last a long time due to heavy steel manhole cover plates! Liked how you cut them up and finished them to display the detail in an aesthetically pleasing way, truly a craftsman and an artist! Great closing & venting mechanisms. The Level of effort you put into that --- You must be renting out that room with that stove in it as a dormitory for college girls :)

Author — KarasCyborg


Beautiful, a masterpiece if you ask me! That kind of creativity can only come from heaven! Be proud of your self. Anyone who hates on this has got to be an envious narcissist .

Author — Michael Ayala


That is an excellent project sir! I have learnt so much from your way of doing things, that is cool. Keep it up and thank so much for sharing!! I wish I could like it one thousand time.

Author — Edmund Nyamupepema


What is the purpose of the top round door?

Author — col stace


To all the keyboard critics. Step forward & make a video to prove your superiority.

Author — Gary Brown


In other news.... the missing manhole covers in recent weeks has been solved. Story at 11:00

Author — The Bomb Steak