Is This Worse Than Watergate? The Impeachment Show (Episode 3)

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Is This Worse Than Watergate? The Impeachment Show (Episode 3) 3.5
We are *deep* into the crazy. Three days, nine witnesses, and more than 20 hours of testimony, and that’s just this week.

3:30 - Tina Nguyen and Touré join the panel with Michael Moynihan.

20:10 - Our long bar-crawl to the impeachment finish line continues — this week, in the Bronx.

24:00 - We pretty much know how this impeachment will play out. Everyone votes on party lines. During the Clinton impeachment in 1998, Maryland Republican Congresswoman Connie Morella had to decide how to vote: with her caucus, or with her conscience

28:30 - Liz Landers debriefs the hearings with Rep. Krishnamoorthi, "I think we have to do our duty."

34:00 - Adrienne Cobb is famous (amongst VICE News viewers) for obsessively tracking every nook and cranny of the Mueller investigation through a highly enthusiastic subreddit called "Keep_Track" — now she and her online fanatics have moved on to the impeachment inquiry. Josh Hersh spends a day inside her Washington State lair (aka computer room) as she moderates her group during the second week of public hearings.

40:00 - Mike Kalenderian gives a guided tour of all the bizarro stuff happening on the internet.

The Impeachment Show airs Thursdays at 11pm on VICELAND.

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Damn Sondland dropping names like Takashi69.

Author — Arie Fraiser


When you boast about how intelligent you are and still use notes to tell that you are Innocent .

Author — Sanjay S


" A. Lot. Of. Four. Letter. Words. "

Author — ilovepancakeswithjam


Rudy already broke everything on CNN and Fox

Author — Cher Chu Hai Kieu


He wants nothing-- and I hope he gets it-- IN ABUNDANCE.

Author — Najwa Laylah


I love it : Ambassador Sonoland quid pro quoed his way in... and quid pro quoed his way out.
ha ha ha

Author — Mayur Panghaal


Respectfully this isn't why I watch vice. Whole time it felt like fox or CNN.

Author — Burning Flag


We are watching the prime example of *"people not believing something, simply because they don't want to believe its true"* Even if the facts are right in front of them. The *Truth* is the *truth* no matter what

Author — Brandon Blackfyre


21:30 I just think he's an Asshole LMAO, still Vice was doing God's work in Sudan and yesterday's problems are still today's Problems

Author — Mubarak Widaa


Watch the hearings’ll be more informed. You owe it to your country

Author — Istok Miralem


The guy who's really gonna blow the lid off this thing is Rudy.
Igor and Lev and gonna sing and they're gonna give up Rudy. And Rudy'll squeal.

Author — M. T.


13:09 can we dial back the brightness on that dress, please

Author — Jerrad Hinton


@16:49 add "Counter-Constitutional" to the list.

Author — Thomas Hughes


Lmao that bar scene is great. Some interviewers have a formal veneer that makes them great at getting good angles, Moynihan is just charming and approachable.

Author — Zachary White


Funny how the impeachment trial receive the attention level of a national crisis yet big pharma who facilitated the national opiate crisis are barely covered, their trials aren’t aired and hardly a sentence on any trial result of nor if anyone from big pharma is being held accountable. Same folks ignoring the whole Epstein deal. Aren’t these crimes worse than anything Trump has ever been accused of!
VICE: instead of making fun of someone trying to speak over the loudness of a helicopter rotor spinning when you couldn’t do any better in the same situation. Please focus on accountability of big pharma and Epstein and everyone associated with it! Or prove you’re actually on their side of things. And vaping is ridiculous, grow tf up, really. Thanks!

Author — Muffin Muncher


Thanks for that "Don't speak ill of vaping." Shit saves lives. Plus I like my job and don't want my boss to lose the business she bought as a retirement plan.

Author — Hail Stan


Yea the Jeffery Epstein scandal is pretty bad.

Author — Hugfactory


I'm so glad these bar interviews are a thing. It's nice to know it not my part of the country that has idiots.

Author — Michael Blankenship


He must've read somewhere to never say you know someone. But of course that can't be right because he can't read.

Author — Global Atheist


People need to open their eyes and see we are on the same side here. *The Left* and *The Right* are just different heads of the same entity... *The Right* doesn't care anymore about you then *The Left* does. Its insane watching people go so hard for *The Right* or *The Left* when neither of them have the best interest of *The People* in mind. They only care about the rich and wealthy. The Elite are the ones pulling the strings. We need to wake up and stop fighting against each other, and make a party to take over the politicians who run this country and *World*

Author — Brandon Blackfyre