Mapping Virginia's Slave Dwellings: Preserving Black History with Street View

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Mapping Virginia's Slave Dwellings: Preserving Black History with Street View 5

In the Virginia state record, only 1% of documented historical sites are categorized as having any African-American historical significance. It’s easy to visit historic sites from the era of slavery and forget the enslaved men, women and children who built and maintained these places. Using Street View, Virginia Humanities has been collecting panoramic imagery of slave dwellings across the state for everyone to see. They hope these images will add to a more inclusive history of Virginia and helps us remember that enslaved peoples were integral to our country’s founding.

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Wow! What a powerful thing you are doing!! Thank you!!

Author — Nancy Gajan


Thank you Google Earth for standing up 👍

Author — Osaka78


How can we speak, I have information to include

Author — Bethel Ben Israel


Thank you! This is so important...for so many reasons...on so many different levels; past, present and future!

Author — Sheila Jones


Am I the only one who found both of their voices soothing ?

Author — Skyler Willis


Unrelated, but I can I just say with all due respect that Justin's eyes are beautiful.
(nice video, too)

Author — Valeria Vagapova


I'd really like to know where in the hell they went to school that they think people were taught that slavery "wasn't that bad"?? We were taught the atrocities that those people endured and the utter brutality... the first time I was shown a picture of the kkk i was in third grade and it made my skin crawl. My school and teachers were brutally honest with us... we learned about slavery before almost any other history, and in my opinion that was the right thing to do.

Author — Logan Mannke


This is not Our History this is HIS story not ours

Author — Moe and Chi Bunch


Those brick houses were pretty nice. As long as everyone keeps voting for liberals than we all become slaves!

Author — Victoria Winter


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Author — Allison Smith


I found slavery really sad and totally wrong nobody should be put under slavery white black Chinese Japanese Christian Indian hater Indian nobody totally wrong I was totally sad just saying be blessed in the Lord in Jesus name amen

Author — Dennis Reineking


Slavery was unprofitable because they had to be housed and fed so they started paying there workers to get lost at the end of the day instead lol



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