How Long Would It Take To Travel the Solar System? | Unveiled

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It's the ultimate road trip, across all of space, and to the outer edges of our solar system. You'd pass planets, asteroids, and glide through long stretches of apparent nothingness. But how long would it take to reach the edge of our star system? What would be your ETA? And what would you find there??

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i could watch space science videos all day and night so awesome, excellent video cheers

Author — lee brooks


It takes me 1 second in my dream to travel around whole universe

Author — kid random


As soon as this man said it’ll take 30, 000 years to pass out through the Oort Cloud I was like yup we ain’t goin anywhere rn lmao

Author — Our Savior


The more I study science the more I believe in god almighty 🙏

Author — Aladdin


Speed is the only key to unlocking the mysteries of our universe

Author — Ridics


Why is he giving us the time it takes to travel the solar system in a car??? 😂😂😂

Author — The Dude


Voyager was using a Quantum Slipstream drive since the 1980s. And that is much faster than warp speed.
Granted, they got the technology from the Borg. But now that we have it, these distances should not take too long.

Author — Perhaps


It only takes 1 hour travelling in solar system in my dream.

Author — Hain Soe


Astronomers: we can see galaxies billions of light years away.
Also Astronomers: the Oort Cloud is too far away for us to see. Not sure if it's there.

Author — Secret Name


This guy thinks those times are long? He should listen to my wife nag!!!

Author — Phillip LeBlanc


The problem with my daily commute isn't the distance, but the traffic. I'd say space is pretty empty.

Author — Sam Harper


I'm planning a planet trip for next year. Need a new set of tires not to to mention the fuel costs.

Author — Games TV


If we were immortal, we would be able to reach those distances.

Author — Rishawn Morley


I love how space movies and t.v. Shows depict space travel as just a long road trip. “Yeah, we need to go to Alderaan. Don’t feel like hitch hiking.”

Author — Keith Wilson


Long story short...we aint going anywhere anytime soon or ever.

Author — W Little


Lets take a moment to appreciate what amazing tools our eyes are. I mean you go out into the night sky and you can see light years away.

Author — Sthembiso Makelefane


you never went beyond your own atmosphere but know the distance of each destination in the entire universe, from earth. complacency!

Author — foster asare


I actually wanted to know how long itd take to travel from planet to planet but ayee glad I learned we could never leave or travel outside or solar system.😊

Author — BeautieQueen !


Its hard to imagine me laying in bed and then think of the solar system

Author — Jacque Renee


This is awesome. I hope I get to travel in first class.

Author — David Rothleutner