Urban Treasure Hunting 'Sometimes You Just Gotta Manhandle That Scrap'

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Howdy, y'all! My name is Mike and I absolutely love scavenging for free stuff, random treasures, lost valuables and other interesting artifacts. I mainly rock the dumpster diving scene but can be found digging through trash curbside as well as scavenging the river bottoms for lost treasures in the summer months. Join me on my epic voyages!

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In a nutshell, I ‘m an avid dumpster diver, scrapper, picker, treasure hunter and underwater connoisseur. I prowl the city streets in search of dumpster loot, curbside treasures & scrap metal as well as scour the river bottoms for lost valuables during the summer months when I can scrounge up enough money for gas. Be sure to stay subscribed to stay up to date with my latest expeditions, y'all!

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Mike, You are doing a good job. To keeping these useful items, out of the landfill.

Author — Cindy Rogers


Mike I hope your getting a lot of ad money because there are a lot of them. Thanks for the adventure, I always enjoy them.

Author — AdamosDad


Oh goodness!!! Your argument with the blue jay is priceless!!!!

Author — Betty


you battling those filing cabinets reminded me of my big score today on my way home from wataburger. on the side of the highway I found a aluminum 4 panel 2 car garage door. Heavy as all get out and still all together. This old man struggled with it for seems like 15 minutes just trying to get it in the truck. then it was sticking out the back about 3 feet so had to strap it down for the 5 mile ride home. great score but it was a battle.

Author — mark taylor


Mannn, I follow a lot of dumpsterdivers here on Youtube, but this is hardcore....always saving the best for last!

Author — 65angelfish


Love watching your videos it makes my day.... We all know you're busy but we all wait patiently for your videos keep doing what you're doing be safe and have fun

Author — dava morales


Keep it up, I love watching you. You have a great sense of humor!

Author — Laura J.


Anyone else hold yer breath when that dust starts flying?

Author — EB A


I love this video you have a great finds today Mike! Good job! God bless you always!

Author — Solinda Ferrer


That’s a vintage table my grandfather had one when I was little and I’m 50. Mike you can sell all those plastic storage containers at your garage sales not just the Pyrex, people will buy them!

Author — My friend Ore The Shepherd


Been watching you for about a month now, and I can't go a garbage day now without looking at the piles and thinking, There's some Scrappitty Scrap! lol, Maybe if I get a place with more space I can scrap myself one day... I'm in Canada, so no future competition for you! lol

Author — David


Hey Mike!
Love you videos
We're always seeing you pick up old tool cases. It makes me wonder. Do you get anything for them? You must sell them. A lot of construction crews throw them out as soon as they get the new tools.

Author — Dan Ostler


The Blue Jay sounds like there is a Hawk, Owl or something like that close. They are alarmists.

Author — Jen’s Flock


When i go scavenging I use your line and try and say it like you "need my stick"! Lol

Author — Diving to Donate


Love your videos. You should wear a mask sometimes. And the glass bowls - I would never use the lids unless I used the bowls for storage, which I wouldn't. The smaller glass bowls would be super useful for mixing or as cereal bowls. Just me though.

Author — Cherrytree Blossom


Awesome video...👍👍 .. love when you said y'all I'm from Louisiana and love in Indiana now and say y'all all the time everyone I work with laughs at me ...lol... but I'm okay with that I'm proud to be from the south...🤗🤗

Author — Priscilla White


Hi from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, loving your videos, you make me laugh sooo hard 💪💪💪😂😂🤣😂🤣

Author — Tinkerbell Blue


awesome scavenging, your truck rules?

Author — Scrap Jockey


Greetings Mike. Those were amazing treasures that you got. Urban treasures @ its best, yippee. Great sending that boys some treasures. Be safe, healthy &blessed.

Author — carren woods


that gecko was tryin to save you 15% on your car insurance

Author — reticent e ville