SAA Seizes Miles of Jihadi Tunnels Built to House Hundreds of Terrorists Underground

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SAA Seizes Miles of Jihadi Tunnels Built to House Hundreds of Terrorists Underground 5

In Syria, they found underground fighters' shelters. These are well-equipped strongholds that were evidently built by professional engineers. The bunkers were used for both warfare and filming videos about the Syrian Army allegedly using chemical weapons against civilians.

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Made for IS by US Army Corps of Engineers.

Author — LKM 777


These US mercenaries wouldn't work in their own white helmets and the Syrian American medical society....just 2 of the "charitable organisations" set up and run with western money as propaganda constructs.

Author — David Doran


Western and some Europeans technology's!!!🔯👈😒

Author — Former K.G.B.


This reminds me of a story I heard, perhaps a year ago, about Idlib. Then the narrator claimed that Turkey and the Turkish Army were assisting various terrorists groups to establish themselves in Idlib in such large numbers that they equaled the civilian population. The story also mentioned the creation of these underground tunnels which were well stocked with foods and ammunition - all thanks to Turkey.

Author — Delia Codums


Will be great destination for adventurers and gamers after the war ends

Author — youkesh100


The rats need their holes to bad the SyAA didn’t destroy with the terrorists in it maybe next I was the officer who located these tunnels I would have put a AAA gun and T-72 at all outlets and waited for the engineers let these guys get their wish to die funny how they always run away before that.

Author — Steele m


You will never see this on the Parasite owned media in the US. If Americans every discover who these parasite psychopaths are we could experience freedom and prosperity again.

Author — Andy Smith-Akins


“Professional Engineers”. Would Syria, by way of speculative theory, have the know how on this kind of engineering?

Author — yamaotostrike


It's called War On The Cheap. Rather than put boots on the ground, just use local diplomatic contacts to stir up militants and send them weapons and do your dirty work for you. The technique was used by the British and French towards the end of World War One. Lawrence of Arabia and the Wahhabi rebellions against the Ottoman Empire. It was adopted by the Americans after WWII and perfected by the CIA in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets during the 1980s. More recently we saw it employed in Libya and then Syria. Syria proved a bridge too far for them, but they keep trying.

We also saw a nationalist militia variation of this form of state craft used in Ukraine to achieve a coup in 2014.

US elites financing the rise of Hitler in the 1930s is similar too, in that it used others for trying to attain a goal. Hitler was a staunch anti communist who could be a bulwark for them against the USSR and the threat of more countries in Europe becoming communist. This impressed wealthy American business elites at companies like Standard Oil, so they sent their millions to Hilter. The US backers could not control what they had helped create.

Pol Pot is another who had Western backing. That was to hinder the USSR and Vietnam and cause tensions between them and China.

The USA's appetite for the wealth of this world is insatiable. The Native Americans call it the Wendigo Spirit and consider it evil. No amount is ever enough. The USA will not stop until it is either exhausted or has fully implemented the Washington Consensus across the globe. Not until Wall Street elites own every major resource and capital generating asset on the planet. How to stop them? A good start would be to keep revealing what the US government would like to keep hidden or obfuscated in a web of lies. US citizens turned against the Vietnam War and that helped bring it to and end. Perhaps that can happen again.

Now the USA has changed its laws to allow domestic fracking of oil and its export. But the market is already provided for by other producers. I do not think it is a coincidence that several of those countries simultaneously find themselves under pressure from the USA as it gears up to become a major oil exporter. Iran, Russia, Venezuela etc. Other oil exporters faced turmoil in this time frame too. The USA and its allies were heavily involved. Sudan, Nigeria, Libya (Iraq predates these events but would still be in the USA calculus. Saudis are busy invading Yemen and the US needs them onside for now to maintain the so called petro dollar).

The same goes for gas. The USA wants to sell its fracked LNG to Europe. To Germany especially as they are switching electricity generation from nuclear energy to gas. The USA wants to cut Russia out of that market. Russian gas mostly transits Ukraine along ex-Soviet pipelines to what was East Germany. The situation in Ukraine has made this route unreliable. Russia are trying to bypass this roadblock. They began a pipeline running from the Russian Black Sea coast to Turkey to supply Europe. Next there was a coup attempt in Turkey that it blamed on the USA. They may have point. The pipeline laying continues amid US protests. A Baltic Sea pipeline to supply Germany was begun. The USA are trying everything from diplomatic pressure on EU members to sanctions to stop it completing. The US excuse is that they are trying to prevent Russia having energy market influence in Europe. Not really. They have energy to sell and are a very pushy salesperson.

Qatar proposed a gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe. They are not so popular with US allies in the region these days.

So much of the conflict and turmoil in the world lately involves US interests in the global energy market.  Actions speak louder than words and US actions speak loud and clear as to their intentions, but they are not covering their tracks so well. They are brazen even. Perhaps just counting on people not to take notice and object. Counting on them to believe the government spin. Counting on their loyal subject countries to keep doing what they are told and paying homage. US government and business elites are often well beyond shame. I hope enough Americans get 'woke' as they say and put a stop to them. It takes a country's people to really change a country.

Author — Aquila Rossa


Best argument to bring back flamethrowers, I've ever seen.

Author — Shasta Graff


Well, it looks like the millions that Donald has been gifting The White Hats with has been put to good use. I'm quite happy with Russia's work here in slowing the killers down.

Author — Analytical Reactor


Caveman with a celphone... Keep banging the rocks together Simians! Someday you'll know how to make fire.

Author — Doug Shaw


excellent work saa, these things dont come on the news, a copy of this vid should be sent to the cnn etc...and one to the white house .

Author — jason miller


Where they find them in jihadi corbyns pad

Author — Ralph Williams


Tunnelling is a Zionist invention when they were in Europe.

Author — V Philip


Whose engineers? Come on Vlad, you know. Tell us whose engineers.

Author — pi namaste


US chief evil that nurtured these demons!

Author — Ух-ты Фига Себе


Rebels will probably bother Syria much but with Russias help they will win... Good question is on if they can recapture kurdish hold places that America lures on...

Author — tentimesful


they copy the Germans! grraeat strategi ofc

Author — KennyG Hansen


Russian propoganda! Hmm make note of scene with ordinance and scene with camo jacket + helmet.... Russia needs more time studying Hollywood. Blyat'

Author — solotechoregon