Putin on Trump’s call to have Russia back with G7: We never left

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Putin on Trump’s call to have Russia back with G7: We never left 4.5

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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As an American, I support Putin. He's always shooting straight which I respect.

Автор — AFGThugonomics9


Russia was pushed out by Obama because Obama didn't like any country that was primarily Christian. Obama wanted to further the interests of muslim nations. Trump is correct in saying no tariffs and in wanting Russia back into the G8. Business is Business. There should be peace and business, between Russia and the USA. The french guy Macron is STUPID...he said it should be a G6... and the canadian Trudeau is even STUPIDER to think that they can bully Trump. The german Merkel wants to be boss of the world but will NEVER be able to boss the USA with Trump as president. The USA does not really need any of the products from Canada, France or Germany, because USA can produce almost anything it needs or wants.

Автор — Mary Burrowes


Love Russia & Her people - from Australia

Автор — Osiris -


Trump and Putin are on the same page on a lot of issues. They are anti NWO, Pro national sovereignty, for all nations. Putin and Trump are both going to make their countries great again! WW3
is not on their agenda!

Автор — Michael Smith


Team Putin and Trump will save the worlds Christians

Автор — Auttie B


You have to love Putins response, he always keeps a leadership role at any moments time without wasting or entertaining a circus. LOVE This LEADER... HE SHALL FOREVER BE ONE THE GREATS

Автор — Mecasa Noesucasa


As always Putin is straight to the point and truthful!!

Автор — jo phoenix


Russia never left it was the US government and the other G8 power that cast Russia out multilaterally, also Russia does not need to be a part of an organisation that disrespects Russia as the G8 has done. Russia has great alternative like the BRICS/SCO/CSTO/CIS.

Автор — LVPN 1


Putin for Prime Minister of Australia.

Автор — liabilitymate


Russia doesn't need G7... but G7 does need Russia

Автор — Lara star


Putin the Great!The much respected leader of a great Country called, Russia.

Автор — Maria Hewitt


this is not obama era .. this is donald trump.. and with him walks the living god..he needs all our help ..from every country around the world .. russia, , arabia, everywhere.. since he has become president his one job is to fix.. the corruption that the previous administrations.. have caused over the world only to be met with obstruction over obstruction by the democratic party whose only job is to impeach him and continue their corruption around the world.. we has a people, as nations, must be help him.. you saw how the world was after the last administration .. there was no growth.. and you can fool and tell yourself that there were, but there was none.. this is our only chance we have to fix this world.. and we all need your help.. we stand as one world ..for every government around help him.. you now have someone that can carry your voice.. let the world know where you stand people . Trump is the world last hope.

Автор — paciouno1


Don't worry Russia, US and Italy they changed their mind towards Russia because Elite' don't own anymore politicians
UK France and Germany still owned by elite', still enemies of the people .

Автор — Leonidas


Globalists are the real enemy. Let's all stop acting like pricks here.

Автор — Tom Jones


How come they asking Russia to come back ? After all the sanction against Russia and put them off from G8 ? Are they scared ? Or weaker without Russia.??? Let this all bullshit organisation of G7 collapse ! They have done so much cruel things to other countries..

Автор — Steph. Mere.


It would be so good to have had Putin, in Canada. Trudeau would finally get his chance to show what a man he a split second, before Putin smacked him down. I seethe every time I see Justine speak - that useless cuck couldn't find his own ass with both hands and a map.

Автор — Tanya De Beer


We never left but anyone is welcome to the G8 wow Putin is the most alpha to say such a statement

Автор — TheRbruin10


G8 - Russia = G7
G7 - United States = G6

Автор — Duke Togo


The SCO Summit was a breath of fresh air compared to the G6+1.

Автор — Michelle Maher


I do not get it. Trump wants sanctions on the Russians maintained but he wants them to come back into the G6+1+1. The Europeans are complaining about the sanctions, are making deals with the Russians but they do not want the Russians in the G6+1+1. what kind of game is this?

Автор — Enki Son Of Anu