Jackass 3.5 Deleted Scenes pt2

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Jackass 3.5 Deleted Scenes pt2 4.5
Jackass 3.5 extrass
- Jackass: The beginning (some older footage has some unremoveable ghosting)
- Outtakes
- Jackass European tour
- Deleted scenes:
- Magnifying glass
- The swan
- Snapping turtle on a stick
- Bad dad
- Fat fuck cupcake
- Party boy (elevator)
- The rocky (Kerry Getz)
- Defibrillator wake-up
- Walk the plank
- Rocket ass
- The donkey ride

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When you drink donkey piss for a movie and they dont use the scene....

Author — Kev P


Steve-O's voice sounds like it needs lotion

Author — One True God


"Deleted scenes" must be another word for "exactly the same scenes that are in the movie"

Author — jake davis


please let jackass continue forever....its the only thing in this world thats real and makes sense to me lol

Author — I'm actually the Stig


"I'll jerk that thing off"

Dunn in a nutshell

Author — Dylan Havlicheck


Preston was caught violating the crew. And if we dont punish him, people are gonna think we enjoy ourselves

Author — Nate Lav


That interview with Bam and Ryan in front of Tower Bridge, London is one of the most joyful bits. Eventually Bams chair breaks and they're just laughing. You can tell they were absolute best friends.

Author — SethHesio


I swear all Loomis does is just stand around and enjoy shit. lol

Author — 43labontepetty


"Just when you think life is shit and the chips are down....Xanax" -Steve-o,
best quote ever

Author — Aleece Stanley


Steve O starts gaggin followed by Knoxville, I just start laughing till tears...

Author — Kat Tarra


it hurt the water more than it hurt him lmao

Author — The Matrix Weave


The interview with Dunn and bam with his chair breaking apart was just pure wholesome hilarity. Best of friends

Author — Micheal Kelly


“It’s not a perfect science when u shoot a fat guy with a cannon”. Lololol

Author — Irish Gip


“No one ever saw wild boys” I’ve been watching it since elementary

Author — Hector Eves


Dude when he drank that I started gagging

Author — RaytheonGaming


"yeah, it's fucking delicous" fuuuck :D

Author — gandelino2


Seeing Dunn and bam actually laugh together and not messing around is so cool rip

Author — Leftlanetrain 02


Jackass 4: Ain’t Dunn Yet and just tribute the whole movie to him

Author — Salty G


6:50 Knoxville’s reaction is killing me 😂

Author — Joe Smith


If they do Jackass 4, and have a tribute to Ryan Dunn. They need to Include the "if it comes down to it I'll Jerk that thing off" bit In the tribute

Author — The Fat Punisher