MOTO Z4 Unboxing and First Look!

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MOTO Z4 Unboxing and First Look! 4.5
The Moto Z4 has been announced, so it's official at $499.99. We've got one in hand and put it through a quick Z4 unboxing before we get to a full review.

In this clip, you'll see the newest design fo the Moto Z line, Moto Mods attached, some of the software from Motorola that we love, and that in-display fingerprint reader in action.

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Dude did you have 3 cups of coffee before the video !? Jesus Christ ! Relax!!! LoL

Author — No_Minds_Land


In-screen fingerprint + Moto Display is the best combo if you think about it

Author — Simone De Pascalis


What's the problem with the design? I don't understand...
Everyone's complaining it.
Even if it is not for the Moto mods, I love the design...

Author — Aswin


This phone was beneath Tim and Kellen to review? New guy who dis. Never heard of him.

Author — SHOCK S


>”First Look”

That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.

Author — Mitchell Hang


8:04 I can seeee u

Who else can see his face on phone

Author — Henrry Rivera


Damn, I had just decided to upgrade from my Z2 Play to the Pixel 3a, and then I receive the email to pre-order this one. Now I'm going to have to wait a little bit to see which one I'll go for. Its a bit more expensive, but I've been a Moto guy since the first Moto G and X. The gestures are actually useful, and the 2-day battery is fantastic!

Author — PJ CB


Shout out to Motorola for innovation! We have a headphone jack! Absolutely amazing.

Author — Yolkava Portfolio


I really liked the design, mods, specs and price!

Author — vinidev one


Dude do u even know how to use a phone?

Author — Aiman Adhikari


Let's see what else we got
Droid lyf: Hello moto, stuff we don't..
Flossy carter: usual books of shiet

Author — peter ama goch


Most spastic review I've seen in a long long time. Looks like you just did a line of coke

Author — admorris11


My boss ordered the Moto one vision which isn't released until Monday and he got it on today Thursday!!

Author — Caméron Jàmes


The entire point of this phone line is the fact that you can add mods. Everything else is just an added bonus.

Author — Carl Google


These tech specs nerds get on my nerve lol, the finger print scanner on this phone seemed good to me! It unlocked the phone in less then a sec... damn people want phones to open in warp speed LMAO 😂

Author — N8tive Pride


I love the moto z line up it gives a lot of possibilites with the moto mods

Author — bargullile anis


Do you even know how to use a phone properly. Why are u so rushed. Be calm...plss🤦

Author — Joel Thankachan


When should it be released in Italy?

Author — Fabrizio Carretta


Do a camera test please, I would like to know how this phone performs in that sector. Thanks.

Author — Pavel Tavarez


Honestly seeing the stats and such, I'm staying with the Moto Z3. Love the side-fingerprint scanner, better processor, dual-camera, and better look with mods. Plus I'm also keeping a eye on the leaked Motorola One Pro coming soon. Looks interesting!

Author — Ender Luxio