The Shadowfang Keep Experience

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

Our RP adventures in season of mastery have took us to Shadowfang Keep, the most dangerous castle in all of Azeroth.
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Never doing a dungeon with those RP noobs again.

The tank.

Author — Mr. E


I genuinely wait for these and get happy when I see them because I love the banter and edits, plz keep it up :) Don't even care what kind of content it is I just like the banter and edits lol

Author — Sariel


Are you guys still enjoying Season of Mastery?
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Author — Snackybox


When wow classic came out I was slackin and when the boys did shadowfang keep I was hella underleveled it was sweet

Author — Gamesux


Watching these videos always make me want wow friends

Author — Amber Reyes


I will legit change my name to Index no meme

Author — Index


It's nice to just see people still vibe no matter what level.

Author — Schlounce


Who would imagine that in Cataclysm those furries from Shadowfang keep would become the DK that you hate in PvP lol

Author — Arcanite Plays -BlackDeath-


Its always a good day when my favorite bloke uploads a video

Author — Oueslati Hazem


I am glad to have stumbled upon you and the word bloke. now i use it every day.

Author — Lost Marimo


Quality British Gaming, shout out you boys!

Author — S45


So it is true. If you RP too much, your dps becomes real shite. Index Law: confirmed.

Author — Gandalf


love how all the way thru the vid those guys are just flaming on index for being a fail shaman

Author — C K


I'll be honest; wasn't expecting the Joe G. from Index, gave me a good laugh and a "yo, he really did that".

Author — Brainhacker5


if you have the 'Certificate of Thievery' Snacky you can ninja loot and claim that your RP'ing my linking the Certificate :P

Author — LightIron max


Classic days of wow felt so much better. Low stats immersive land with questing. Everyone was a noob in the barrens. Id nuke Wow and start again imo.

Author — Ian Snell


M'lord once again you've blessed us with an Upload


Author — Leon Starke


Most people pledge themselves to change on New Year's.
Most people choose to get better, therefore they usually fail.
I pledge to getting worse so I will almost assuredly succeed.

Author — The Nerd Beast


I found the formula for a snackybox video:

By the light, juicer mcgoozer, mlord, M'lady, bloak, oh that's huge, he is jucin now, randome shittake on food, that's fail RP and boom. 10 minute sponsored video.

Author — Filuria


Your accents are so funny! (I'm from London)

Author — Joe