Bolton Revelations Put Pressure On GOP To Allow Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial

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Bolton Revelations Put Pressure On GOP To Allow Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial 5

U.S. Senators presiding over Donald Trump's impeachment trial are increasingly under pressure to allow witnesses after leaks from John Bolton's upcoming book contradict the defense presented by the President's lawyers. #Monologue #Impeachment #Comedy

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When did the United States of America become a third world country with criminals running the government?

Author — Kathleen Dunlap


Trump and his thugs just can't deal with intelligent women challenging them. They prefer human hat racks like Melania and Kellyanne.

Author — AdMerin


One way to make America great again would be to once again fully fund NPR &PBS

Author — N. Sidor


"Did nothing wrong"
"Did something wrong but it's not a crime"
"Ok it's a crime but not impeachable"

What next? This is getting insane.

Author — Nova


"That Lady went to Cambridge and Harvard and has a Master's degree in European Studies.
Not only is she qualified for her job, she's more qualified than you are for your job."
You're Burnt!!!!

Author — S1L3NT G4M3R


Treating a reporter like that, when they didn’t actually do anything wrong, is disgusting. I’m glad Mary stood up for herself during and after!

Author — Detective Rosa Diaz


I would seriously buy a "Mike Pomepeo is a Douche" bag.
it's not classy, but it's true!

Author — Tragoudistros.MPH


Trumps defense: “Even if the crime is true, it is not impeachable” WTF hahahahaha these freaking crooks

Author — Maximus Washington


He literally tried to say “she lied to me! She wasn’t supposed to tell anybody that I yelled at her after the interview” 🤦🏻‍♀️

Author — Lou Lou


I love how any person, station or outlet that doesn't agree with trump and his staff is automatically a democratic lie machine. 🙄

Author — Dannik D


Dear Colbert:
Please make that tote bag available for sale with its proceeds being donated to NPR! You can put me down for three bags.

Author — Vipul Patel


And by "People will hear about this" he means trump. He ran and tattled to his daddy figure about the mean, soft spoken reporter. Did you hear how she respectfully _attacked_ him with a preapproved question and didn't press the issue once he started throwing a tantrum? How terrible.

Author — Lesh4537


If you point out to a Republican, that the "Public" is "We the People", they will call you a communist, they cannot accept they are SUPPOSED to be working for US.

Author — Christel Headington


This administration is easily the craziest one I’ve ever seen. I don’t think we’ve ever had actual government officials act like this before!

Author — The Foxfires


Strong, intelligent, educated women throw these folks off their game. Too bad, too sad.

Author — Chuck Perego


"People are going to hear about this": Does that mean "she's going to go through some bad things"? Can someone who's more familiar with mob talk help me out here?

Author — nozecone


"People will hear about this" sounds like a threat against a journalist coming from his office.
This is America in 2020.

Author — Fix News


Most innocent people don't try to block witnesses from testifying.

Author — Eugene Ax


I love when bullies are outwitted. And you Mr. Pompeo, were outwitted nationally. Congrats

Author — Yoder023


Ms. Kelly has a degree in European History. She's more qualified to be Secretary of State than Pompeo.

Author — Kyle