The 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Is a Little Better Than Before

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The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio has been updated for 2020 -- and it's a little better than before. Today I'm reviewing the new Stelvio Quadrifoglio to let you know what's changed, and I'm driving the Stelvio to see what it's like on the road.





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Doug, as a PROUD owner of one of these, you’re being very harsh. I’ve owned plenty of German and performance cars. The “Ferrari” V6 makes you forget about the tech or buttons. I’ll never go back to another German brand after this. The history, the performance, the sheer joy you get from putting your foot down in this thing, they’re all irreplaceable. Hands down the best car/suv I have ever owned. Alfa Romeo, bravo! You made an SUV for those who are truly DRIVERS and petrol-heads.

Author — Michael Barranco


Doug: *being robbed at gunpoint*
Criminal: Any last words?
Doug: Before you shoot me, be sure to check out Cars and Bids

Author — Joshua David


Having owned a 2018 Stelvio Quad for about 6 months now, I have to agree it feels like driving a car not an SUV. I had an Infiniti FX35 before and that thing felt like an SUV and handled nowhere close to the Alfa. I've had my Stelvio up to 136 on the freeway in race mode with the minders off, and yet it felt totally solid, planted, and could have thought I was going 85 except for the wind noise and the world seeming to go by in fast-forward. It is really amazing on back roads and the big paddle shifters never get old.

However I think Doug is overexagerating about how "bad" the interior is. I guess I have not driven many $90, 000 cars, but I actually love this interior, especially the ergonomics of how all the controls are laid out. Everything is simple to locate purely by touch and feel. I like how they put a secondary radio control on the passenger side of the center console so your friend/wife/hubby can DJ.

I actually prefer the small screen size because it means that the screen is integrated into the dash rather than being some giant ipad glued to the car. And the suspension is much less jumpy in N mode, which is for normal driving. D or Race are for going fast, very fast.

As to the plastic window switches, they feel fine to me. I'd much rather have plastic window switches and giant metal shift paddles, which are like solid 1/8" aluminum and you could probably kill a man with one if you broke it off the steering column, as opposed to Audi or BMW with crappy little plastic shift paddles on the steering wheel.

And Doug is wrong, there is plenty utility here. I folded down the back seats and was able to fit a 65" LG OLED in the car. It has a power lift gate and there is a standard US plug, 120V 10A back there. It even has twin rails in the bed for mounting things. What kind of things? Whatever you want! A phat sub, nitrous tanks, dog cage, cargo dividers, whatever.

Also, get the carbon fiber steering wheel option. It is SO worth it. It adds such a feel to the driving experience. I also recommend the panoramic sunroof, which you cannot get on a Giulia Quad. It is a huge and amazing glass roof for your car.

Lastly I love Alfa's implementation of the Driver Assistance package. The dynamic cruise with start and stop works amazingly well. 2018 did not get auto-steer/lane-keep but I hate that shit anyway.

And here's my logic: you are driving the car 100% of the time you are driving it. So the best-driving car is the best car.

Author — Zero-G


"The Best handling SUV in the world!"
Gives it the same handling score as 10 other SUVs. Also shouldn't the acceleration be a 9 on the objective scale? Not trying to criticize, love the content as always

Author — The Gourmet Golfer


Best handling SUV he’s ever driven. Hands down the best. Drives like an Impreza hatch. Same handling score as everything else though...?

Author — Steven


Here's what DD just can't understand or admit - Alfa gave you a functional interior and used the rest of the cost for a Ferrari Based Engine, a flawless ZF 8 speed, the lightest, most nimble chassis, a carbon fiber drive shaft and amazing carbon ceramic brakes. Results = #1 Best Handling and #1 Best acceleration everywhere - except on his rating chart! Period!

Author — Jon Blair


The Quadrifoglio has a different front bumper, hood, side skirts, rear bumper, rear diffuser, and a quad exhaust. You can't option those on the non Quadrifoglio

Author — Slanch


Personally I think that the new interior screen, albeit small, is perfect for the Stelvio's aesthetic. It keeps the interior clean without adding a giant tacked on touch screen to the center of an otherwise pretty space to be in.

Author — Gabriel Shensky


Doug: Alfa handles the best.
Doug Score: Alfa's handling score is as much as rival's

Author — Bagrat Sargsyan


Honestly, it aint about the interior quality or because they didnt add some extra badges or distinctive qualities. Its about the drive, the engine, the sound, and the feel of all of them 3 working in harmony. It shows that they are staying true to that clover which is what you're paying for.

Author — Dancing Lizard


The 4 leaf badge is all you need. It’s a drivers car. Who cares about interior? You buy an Alfa to drive it.

Author — Kurt Muroki


In terms of tech, the thing it's missing is all around cameras, and a higher quality backup camera, but in reality it's such a minor issue and I'd MUCH rather have a smaller, integrated screen that looks like it was thoughtfully placed, than how all the other people do it which is just stick a bigger screen on the dash or have a big one pop up and block view and look like an afterthought.

Author — Jean-Paul Le Clercq


This is imo the best looking crossover. Leave it to the Italians to design a car. Other crossovers look like lunch boxes

Author — Straight Busta


Doug: I'm tired of all these overstyled sporty versions of common cars, I miss the subtle era
Also Doug: this Stelvio QV is too subtle for the price

Author — notsaab


I love how the entertainment system is integrated into the dash, looks so natural

Author — Vocatusk


In my opinion, this is a partial review.
Drives great, looks great and everything else is crap? That defines the quality of this review.

The Stelvio drives great, better than the others but the handling score is the same?
(and It's rival is indeed the X3, not the X5)

Also, the drive can be softer than some of it's competitors, especially when we remember to soften the dampers.There are reviews out there stating exactly that.
Even if the infotainment is a bit inferior, the interior quality is up there with the best.
You don't like the buttons to open the windows? Well, I don't like the paddle shifters on the competitors ...the difference is that I don't say they're crap because of it.
Almost makes one believe German competitors don't use plastic buttons too.

Author — Mik S


“Best handling suv gives it the same 6 in handling as half the list..

Author — SupraTurbo12


Who else looks at these “cheap and crappy interiors“ and thnks wow that’s nice!

Author — Drummer Doing Stuff


Doug: I like sleepers, subtle and cool
Also Doug: this quadrifogglio doesnt stand out

Author — comeberza


Ok but the Stelvio is in the Macan and X3 segment, not Cayenne and X5

Author — alberto favero