Why beef is the worst food for the climate

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Why beef is the worst food for the climate 4.5

Avoiding high-emission foods can have a bigger climate impact than any other consumption change.

Our consumption habits emit billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Our diets account for one-fourth of those emissions.

The food we eat emits so many greenhouse emissions because of the land it takes to grow it, but it also has something to do with biology. This video explains why the production of some foods emit more than others, and which foods to avoid to be a more climate-conscious consumer.

This video was based on this chart, created by the University of Oxford’s Our World in Data:


For more of Our World in Data’s data on the emissions related to food production:

A lecture given by Joseph Poore, co-author of the study this chart was based on:

Cow and sheep burping footage:

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Vox: the foods that contribute most to climate change are beef...
Me: Yes! I don’t eat beef!
Vox: ...and coffee and chocolate.
Me: 😟

Author — Alec Gross


It pains me to see that the beautiful Amazon forest is being cut down for agricultural purposes and snatching away the homes of thousands of indigenous plants, insects, animals, birds, etc.

Author — Roompa Mahato


why do people hate vegetarians if they are technically helping the environment

Author — fona mcjimmyjimmy


Vox: "don't eat beef"
Me, who lives in a family of beef farmers: *confused sweating*

Author — Awster


"Don't eat beef."
Hindus: You know I am somewhat of an environmentalist myself.

Author — Sankalpa Koirala


that moment you realize that india has the most cows and they aint killing them

Author — this boy has memes


Forget beef most people I know haven't even tasted chicken in life

Author — Anunay Kumar


i havent eaten beef in literally 5 years since i learnt about its effects on the environment

Author — i only stan kpop legends


most people act like they care about climate change but then do nothing about it, and that’s the reality :/

Author — Zeytrixx


The amount of research and work that went into this 4:38 video... Sheesh!

Author — J. Baker


I went vegetarian at the beginning of the year because I wanted to help the environment. Definitely not going back.

Author — Joel Holzhausen


Meanwhile me: *Slowly stopping eating the cheeseburger*

Author — #Hah Huh


"sees rice"
Asian: *confused sweating*

Author — jeremy parame


Vox: 'Don't eat beef'
Me who lives in a country where beef is unpopular and expensive : 'ok'

Author — Humrau 550


when I was young, I used to think how nice it is for westerners to eat meat for so cheap, that they can eat it on daily basis, but now I am thankful for having rich vegetarian culture.

Author — aditya anand


Meanwhile Indians are feeling proud of the their rich heritage which day by day is proving more scientific. That's why Hinduism doesn't allow the consumption of not only beef but whole non veg. And Cows are sacred.

Author — Himanshu Sirohi


Oh god, beef is terrible, I never eat this again, so to celebrate I should go McDonalds

Author — squirrel


Bart: “Don’t have a cow, man”


Author — darkowl9


"Beef contributes the most to climate change"
Indians: **laugh in Hindu**

Author — FlegSlav //TestPatterner


Microsoft: let's make presentations easy way.
Vox: hold my scissors and papers.

Author — Manjunath Manja