Why communists are so good at Olympics

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We at the National Post have long taken the controversial stance that communism is a bad idea. They build sucky cars, they have an annoying habit of starving millions of people to death and whenever you cut a country in two and make one side communist, that side always seems to become the crappy side.

But despite its many unspeakable failures, there is one solitary category in which communist countries have utterly mopped the floor with the capitalist world. I’m talking about the Olympic Games. #shouldbebetter #esbb

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Because free education, health care and sports is not a luxury but a basic human rights 🙄

Author — @reis1185


If someone was good in some type of sport, he/she was supported by the state. It did not cost him/her any money to train whether this was for a national/world/Olympic competitions. And not everything was bad in that system either, we had superb education, 100% employment, no we were not rich but we had no homeless people, no drugs, and people had lot of common sense and morals... you cannot find many of these things in the decadent west...

Author — @veronikaztrencina9916


Former USSR dominated both the Summer and winter Olympic games so does Former East Germany

Author — @IqbalKhan-ei7tt


The drug problem was mostly confined to the GDR and to some extent USSR and now China, but the smaller communist countries didn't have the capability to run such programs and to cover it up. They were successful by investing more in less popular sports that gave them a better shot at winning more medals.

Author — @trespasser121


It wasn't athletic competition they found "Bourgeoise." It was the Olympics themselves. The whole thing is a sham. No Greco Roman Wrestling (is has been reinstated) but you have Rythmic Dance? Yeah, a googol of "Ughs." Jagoff.

Author — @BluntTrauma621


Stalin was champion at 4000km borders jumping. În 1940 he made team with the little guy with moustache and won "Two Junks" contest.

Author — @marianmelinte6960


They arent lol? Seriously? The Soviet Union comprised 15 massive countries and had a 260+ million population in 1980 not including them poaching talent form various satellite states its really not hard to understand why they were "so good".

Ill also point out because of their economic system none of their athletes were considered "professionals" despite them actually being "professionals" (see any soviet hockey team). Their amateur status was total bs. They also invested lots of time, money and effort into Optic propaganda like the Olympics so while US Olympians back in the day worked part time jobs all Soviet athletes did was train.

Author — @toddpick8007


Starving millions of people? And Capitalism doesn't? 🤣😸 Oh the audacity!

Author — @justdev8965


Of course you speak of the soviet union and start up with the ideologic prefabrications, what a shame and uninformed take to present an incredible topic

Author — @robertoyoedmondragonheredi2084


Now this is some crappy anti communist propaganda

Author — @pedrohenriquesiqueiramarco5957