iPhone SE Review: 5 More Years Of Yesterday

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iPhone SE Review: 5 More Years Of Yesterday 5


Everyone’s talking about how the new iPhone SE for 2020 is the "affordable iPhone" and the "only small iPhone" left in Apple's lineup … and while both those things are true, what’s more interesting to me is that the new iPhone SE is a lifeline. For all those people who never wanted to give up the home button, people who never needed a bigger screen or FaceID or more cameras, but do need a new iPhone. And for them, the new iPhone SE 2020 is basically perfect. Join me for MrMobile's iPhone SE 2020 Review!



MrMobile's iPhone SE 2020 Review was produced following seven days with an Apple iPhone SE 2020 review sample purchased by MrMobile/Future plc. The device was tested on T-Mobile US in Brooklyn, NY. The lone sponsor of this video is ESR Gear; neither Apple nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage.


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Forget the iPhone, make a review about the belt

Автор — Yahir Soto


1:51 "Try not to get too hostile down in the comments"

The comments : *_Your dad's belt is so cool!!!_*

Автор — Rennie Ash


80% of the reason why I bought this phone is because it is a small phone with modern specs. I HATE big phones

Автор — ZekeMagnum


3:23 I see you, Michael, trying to 3D touch the screen only to realize that the SE doesn't have it 🤣

Автор — Leo Zhang


I've been using my SE for almost 4 years, and when I listen someone say that 4.7 it's claustrophobic, I start to laugh because it's way bigger than my phone xd

Автор — Carlos Barjau


"iPhone SE, the phone for Dads" 😂 Would've bought my dad one for father's day if he was still here. 😔

Автор — Hood Genius


Apple: *Releases the iPhone SE 2020*

Customers: *It’s been 84 years...*

Автор — TheXGamer


"Protect your iPhone SE with a case from today's sponsor, *ESR*"

Tech21 : *Amazed Pikachu Face*

Автор — ProfessorJ


tldr: skip to 0:20 you will bring a power bank for the iPhone SE 2020 too. 😂

Автор — zodiacfml


I upgraded my 6s for this SE. I’m disappointed that I had to give up my headphones jack. But other than that it’s the perfect size/phone for ME. It’s exactly like my 6s

Автор — Red Wine


I must say, I really appreciated that intro! My friend actually still has her iPhone 6s and will be keeping it even longer now because she has a new battery!

Автор — Arnold K


I just got the Product Red SE, probably my favorite phone. I had a android phone for a while and I think I made the right choice. I like small screens so it’s perfect for me.

Автор — Derrick


"but folks, its a $400 phone"
xiaomi: that is...overpriced

Автор — Hiro


we need a "why Mr. Mobile can't stand iMessage" video now

Автор — John


1:38 the BEST part of this phone!
Making Samsung launch the S30e so I can upgrade my S10e next year =)

Автор — costafilh0


Dad: My phone suffers from battery issues
Mr. Mobile: Gives his dad an iPhone SE2
Dad: My new phone suffers from battery issues

Автор — Danny C


Mr. Mobile: always has the latest phones
his dad: still on a 6S with a super shot battery

why not just... give him a new

Автор — percyvael


all the Trek stuff in the Backround, does he do any Trek Stuff, he seems like a genuine fan

Автор — MrVercettti89


“Shut up I’m on the phone”
“No you’re not!”

Автор — Mark Linsangan


Personally I love the SE line (I don't own an iPhone). To me I see it as like that basic iPhone for the more casual users and it does that job well.

Автор — Theo Stadick