DeWALT DCT419 Wall Scanner

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 лет ago

We take a look at the new and improved DeWALT Wall Scanner. It detects pipes, studs, plastic and works on most all surfaces.

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💬 Comments

so glad to see this back on the market! I was desperate to pick one up when it first came out and was gutted when they pulled it...but that is a testament to DeWalt making sure their products are right...I have always struggled with the walls in our house, it was built back in the 40's and there is a lot of wire mesh in the plaster which confuses the hell out of the little Bosch stud finder I have...I will definitely be looking to pick one up as soon as it hits the shelves up here in Canada! Thanks for a great video Ive been waiting for to start my week guys!

Author — TheBearuk1


I did use the old one a few times and it usually worked pretty well for me but it wasn't a hundred percent accurate. I'm really excited to try this one out. Does anyone know if you can get the old ones reprogrammed or did they make physical changes also?

Author — Sam Steitz


That would be amazingly handy to have. I'm impressed!

Author — tluigs


Awesome tool, awesome review. That's cool that it scans plaster and lathe but does anyone know if it will work on plaster and wire mesh or if the wire mesh will interfere with the magnet

Author — Jon Armida


Wow that is cool. I definitely want one. It is a bit pricey though so will have to save up for this. Great review guys.

Author — MrInsaini


Really wanted to try this before they pulled it off the market. Glad dewalt made necessary adjustments def would like to give this a try would be handy in certain situations. Hey Dan u should see if Dewalt would consider adding this to the ultimate tool bag giveaway If u pick me as the winner I will cut u in and let u keep it... Lol great video guys

Author — George Pena


That would be a handy little tool to have around. I would like to see it used on a tile wall, Like in a shower. For mounting grab bars and stuff.

Author — lobsterbushbroo


I have used my neighbors Bosch DTECT150 that Costs $800 and I loved it. But I don't want to pay $800 for one. And seeing how good this works I might consider this as a option. This review changed my mind on dewalt wall scanners.

Author — Daniel Shirilla


I just now unpacked my DCT418S1. I scanned a wall that I had originally scanned for studs. The DCT revealed not only studs, but copper pipe as well; something the other stud scanner could not do. Also, it found a cold water pipe in the wall that I didn't know about. My opinion, the best money I have spent for a tool in decades.

Author — Ross DuClair


Looks like an interesting tool, however, am curious if it can detect non-copper water lines, such as pex.  I think this, combined with a thermal scanner would be a great tool.  If a tool can do surface scan, stand back and do the thermal, and than software aligns the two, now that would be the perfect sensor.

Author — mc70dave


Wow! Excellent video!  This wall scanner really looks like a nice instrument that I can see as a huge cost and time saver for any contractor (no matter the trade).  The examples that you laid out were spot on. Anytime that you are going to do major work on a wall, your going to run in to stuff.  And, unless you built that wall yourself, chances are, you will not know everything about that wall.  When your doing work like that, the odds are really against you.  With this tool, you really have to ability to use technology to you advantage and game-plan your approach to cause the least amount of destruction as possible.  That being said, this tool could potentially be a huge money saver.  And for $300, you can't beat it.  Great review guys!

Author — Matthew Wiswell


I have been wanting this tool from the beginning. Now it looks like it would work well for me. From estimates to renovations. Looks like I'm asking Santa for this tool.

Author — BigAToday


When I saw the spy shots online a good while back, I couldn't wait for it to hit the market. Then it did, and I almost pulled the trigger, but I remember seeing all the amazon reviews, and they were all negative :( I'm glad to see that this tool is working good finally, and honestly it's not superman, no, but with the combo of a franklin stud sensor, this wall scanner, and a thermal imager to find hot and cold pipes, there's nothing you won't be able to see. It may be a bit expensive, but probably a lot cheaper than one oops and the cost of fixing it. TIA!

Author — Matthew Fant


I think it is important to point out this scanner is for the contractor or someone who is very familiar with construction layout. Someone who has walked a hundred rough-ins from slab to roof and already knows about where things should be and why. This scanner will allow that person to confirm his/her suspicions. 

Author — ThacMan


Great video again guys I shall be getting my hands on one of these keep up the fantastic work

Author — Alex Egerton


That's an awesome tool. If I could afford it I'd buy it lol. Still trying to save up for a new impac drivert to replace, my old one. Great reviews uys

Author — Jordan Booth


I wish I had a need for one of these. It looks great.

Author — Justin Prewitt


Now that it works it looks really cool!!  I kinda want to buy one now that I saw that is pretty accurate. Hopefully Dewalt has a contest so I could possibly win one. The Milwaukee M12 sub scanner does not go as far into detail of the wall as the Dewalt. I'm ok with this tool being the stud finder of the year for TIA awards week :) Dan knows what I'm taking about :)

Author — DarkRaptor99


I really want one now. I saw a video that was posted yesterday and it was spot on. If it would come back down to $299, I'd jump on it.

Author — Ricky Mcgrath


That thing is awesome, I don't think I could justify buying it. Still pretty cool.