Nio ET7: China's BEST EVER EV!

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

Our China correspondent, Elliot Richards checks out the long-awaited Nio ET7 - a luxury EV that goes toe-to-toe with a crop of impressive rivals from the likes of Mercedes, BMW and Tesla. With monstrous range, mind-blowing performance, ultra-luxury interior and a cute AI companion to boot, is this the finest Chinese electric car we've ever seen?

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0:00 German auto exec? Are you hungry?
1:42 Welcome to the success of NIO
2:55 Taking it for a spin
3:27 Sports+ Mode
4:49 Concept to reality
8:13 BIG car, but does it feel like it?
9:38 The back seats
10:52 Slalom - composed or rubbish?
11:30 Wheels of fortune
12:26 Dare to watch Elliot having a massage
13:49 Brutal power or quiet comfort?
15:59 Luxury legacy, are the Germans in trouble?
16:49 Elliots English

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💬 Comments

This car is a masterpiece in design. They haven't compromised too much in terms of practicality. As a European and a car-enthousiast I would probably choose this over the German legacy. I like that they went minimalistic, but didn't go too far like Tesla. Like some others have said this company might become a case-study in the future as being the first internationally recognized "premium" Chinese brand.

Author — Francis


China have been breaking all sorts of barriers in EV development. They have been so progressive in creating new vehicles at every end of the market that I believe they will be the key to a global revolution in EV ownership. Many legacy companies are still making compliance and compromise EVs. Some companies are focussing on particular markets. EV only companies are pushing vehicles in particular consumer slots. But, as a joined up strategy, China is far ahead of everyone as they are tackling every level of EV distribution. They are rolling out public transport vehicles, performance vehicles, cheap vehicles, luxury vehicles, city vehicles, utility vehicles and mostly at prices that can be rivalled by few others - certainly not legacy companies. They also lead on infrastructure. And all this against the background of them also pushing out lots of old tech. Just about anywhere else in the world if you see fossil tech being promoted you'll see renewable tech being hampered. But China on the whole seems to be pressing forward with renewable tech regardless of opposing concerns. Once China start rolling out their product to the West the legacy manufacturers in particular are going to have to up their game or leave the field.

Author — Trevor Berridge


Fantastic review! I test drove this car today, and o boy, thats quite a car. Planted like an A6, accelerate like a Tesla, smooth like Benz, steers like a BMW. I am German and if they can deliver it for a decent price, it will sell very well back home. There is just no competition for this price and package on the European market. I already ordered one for myself here in Shanghai, a no brainer.

Author — MG SHG


So much better than EQS and less than half the price. I'm super happy to see a revolution unfold in front of my eyes

Author — Filip Zieliński


What really worries me is that I get way more often a "want to buy" impulse from watching videos about new Chinese cars than from Western cars.
NIO ET7 is definitely one of those Asian makes I'd like to own.

Author — Daniel D.


An outstanding car, and one to put NIO on the map for sure. The ET5 model due for release in Sept looks equally amazing. Great video, thanks for uploading.

Author — Deez


Really love what NIO has done, the interiors are sleek and elegant
What a Beautiful car....

Author — AVATR


This is surprising nice. The design both inside and out is superb. The interios is refreshing when compared to EQS.

Author — Michael Jones


Excellent video from Fully Charged and great stuff by Elliot. Should have showcased the audio system which is one of NIO ET7 highlights. Basically Dolby Atmos experience in your car.

Author — Jay in Shanghai


The proportion of this car is spot on, in line with Audi A7, but more rooms inside.

Author — J DC


Amazing looking car, I'm sure it will sell well in Europe.

Author — Tim Cam


Great video. When you hear it from German engineers themselves that NIO drives better than most (if not all) other cars on the road, based on their experiences, that speaks volume.

Author — LovesHighGround


They’re absolutely smashing it. Gorgeous car. Also, may I say that the presenting has come on leaps and bounds, seamless.

Author — Jonathon Stillwell


It'll be very interesting to see how well this sells in Europe. Priced keenly, it sounds like it should sell like hot cakes. Great job by Elliot, as always. Loved the chic bobble hat. 🙂

Author — Eugene Lambert


This Car looks amazing and Beautiful, and so far the reviews have all been good. I hope this sets the Bar so people could also get the ET5!!!

Author — Robb .P


Yet another example of what we can expect to see from China. Is it coming to the UK? Will it be priced at 55k I can't believe that will be the case, my guess is that it will be priced at 65k+ which is a shame. If it was more reasonably priced then legacy auto makers would be very afraid and I would give my two back teeth to own one!

Author — Martin Beck


NIO is an AMAZING EV company, battery swap is brilliant. Beautiful cars inside and out, keeping LIDAR in my opinion will be better than just cameras. China's market for this market alone is like nothing else. $NIO

Author — William Lauzon


Great looking car, especially love the interior. Original and clean.

Author — tipoomaster


Nio seem to be a company to watch. Great episode. Thanks Elliot & FC team

Author — Sam Johnston


Fantastic car. I like the fact that the design is so sleek. It doesn’t scream that „I’m an EV Car“ like other cars

Author — Lewnat1c [TemplaR]