5 months on Retin-A: Still purging???

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5 months on Retin-a 0.05% cream…things got worse.

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I think you just have to start very very small and slow. I started using 0.025% tretinoin cream once a week for the 1st month, then twice a week for the whole 2nd month, 3 times a week for the 3rd month, and 5 times a week, sandwiched with moisturizer, for the 4th month. So far, I experienced no irritation and purging at all. I'll be using it 5 times a week without the moisturizer next month.

Author — Marvin Sanico


I cried watching your video, one because I feel for you, and secondly because I am in awe of your bravery. I used to have cystic acne, It lasted about 10 years. It was painful, physically and emotionally. I would cancel social events often because I was self conscious. I tried so many things, some helped a little. What help more than the meds, was quitting dairy. Then I started seeing improvement. I am thinking you, sending you love, you are so beautiful, and wishing you complete healing.

Author — Spark Yee


If your acne is this severe after tretinoin, you need to be reassessed by a derm. Next step is likely accutane

Author — Caleb


i've been using 0.05% tret for about 14 months now (still just about 3 times/week). I still get acne now and then but acne and texture are both much improved! Every night use is still way too strong for me.

Author — WillKim


Thank you for this video ❤️ I’ve dealt with 2 Tretinoin purges and I know how it’s not easy ☹️ I’m documenting my journey too and seeing my skin go backwards has not been fun!
I personally found the cream tret (a different brand) to be have adverse effects, in particular for my chin!

Author — Kaycia


I’d love an update on your experience since switching to the gel! I actually had a very similar experience with the cream, and have recently been switched to gel but am honestly just considering giving up on tretinoin bc of how much worse it’s made my skin :( so I’d love to hear your journey since this last update!

Author — Reagan


I'm so glad I saw this video before ordering Tretinoin online! I have clog prone skin (currently dealing with pustule type acne at the moment. Pustules are caused from dead skin cells and oil clogged in the pores) I have a normal skin type so I think an occlusive cream such as Tretinoin on top of a heavy moisturizer (we have to combat the dryness and peeling!!) would be potentially clogging for me. I will now order the 0.025% gel! Good luck on your skin care journey, and thanks again for the vid 😉 ✨

Author — Christina Coigney


So excited for you!! Can’t wait to see your results on the gel. I agree with you, having very reactive and clog prone skin, the cream is no good. Gel all the way!

Author — Natalie Fletcher


Same experience :( 5 months with proper use, but still purging. I guess it wasn’t for me. I quit it now, and it left me in worse situation than before starting it. I feel you, stay strong <3

Author — Channimol Teng


Have been using this microsphere gel for almost 3 months now. It's gentle and effective. Last year faced same problem with cream. Gave my skin a break for 6 months and started gel. It's going great. It'll help you dear. But consider a small break for your skin to get better.

Author — Smita Alfred


Thank you for being so brave to make this video. I hope your skin gets better

Author — Lala Singer


I also have been experiencing this currently. My skin is oily. I’m definitely going to stop and get the gel. My skin in twice as oily/ white heads/ closed pores same even some cystic bumps. Thanks for the video.

Author — LexyPat TV


I've been an esthetician who specializes in acne for over 25 years. Retin a works for acne but you need to see a dermatologist (not a general dr) who can choose a cleanser and other products to use along with the retin a in a customized skin regime for you. Work with a dermatologist who is backed by science who can really help you.

Author — Monette Paparotti


I took accutane first, it cleared my skin, and then my dermatologist prescribed tretinoin right after I finished with accutane, it’s to maintain my clear skin not that after my accutane my skin was still bad, it’s so I can keep it clear, and after I realized it’s for anti-aging I love it!
It didn’t break me out or anything when I started it, because I was used to the accutane at the time.

Author — Nada Pw


I really believe its based on our skin types!! Im sorry you had a bad experience with the cream! Hope the gel works better for you!! I know the gel is more drying so that may help with clearing the acne better as well! I love the tretinoin cream personally! I've been using it for about a year now and have had an amazing improvement in my skins texture!! I was first prescribed the gel and it was worse on my skin!! Purging really feels like it lasts forever though 😕

Author — Mandy Hull


I had the same journey, until someone told me to take supplements, Usana cellsentials and Usana coquinone. And the result is superb!

Author — Shocking Videos


I hope your skin gets better ❤️❤️❤️Thank you so much sharing your experience with us.

Author — Mandla


You’re so beautiful and your voice is so calming.. I’m currently on gel tretnoin.25% and I have not been consistent with it. I started using it in June once a week inconsistently and I noticed it did make me break out but they would heal in 1-2 days with out me popping them.
My left side has cleared up white head wise but I still have hyperpigmentation
My right side still gets white heads I sleep on that side so I’m sure that plays a big part.
Anyway I plan to start tretnoin 1x a week for a month and build up monthly to 3-4 times a week maybe 5 and adjust accordingly.
The way I apply it is I cleanse my face wait about 30 seconds to a min for my face to dry then apply my moisturizer To my damp face I wait 10 mins mean while I’m fanning my face then dab a pea sized amount of tret around my face and tap it in and drag lightly. I do not rub in circular motions. That’s how I’ve seen no peeling at all I stay away from corners of my mouth, nose and eye area some times I do upper lip but I alternate weeks on applying in that area.

Author — Jessica C


wishing you so much luck!! this was very good for me to watch !! so thank you for your honesty and confidence x

Author — chauvonne dart


I had the same problem. After two months using tretnoin 0.05% my skin got worse than before using it. I've never had cystic severe acne all over my face and now after tret my skin was horrible.. I'm tired of hearing ppl saying it's normal, it's just purging etc. But no for me I didn't want to deal with it anymore. Stopped using tret and my skin is getting so much better. Unfortunately it doesn't work for everyone and some of us really can't use it. I mean I won't try again and I'm happy this way.

Author — Experimenta Orlando by Vanessa Pereira