Time for Economic Justice, Tejashwi Yadav Tells The Wire I With English Subtitles | Bihar Elections

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Time for Economic Justice, Tejashwi Yadav Tells The Wire I With English Subtitles | Bihar Elections 4.5

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बिहार विधानसभा चुनाव सर पर हैं, हर पार्टी अपनी चुनावी सभाओं में वोटरों को लुभाने के लिए कई वादे कर रहे हैं, आरजेडी नेता तेजस्वी यादव ने द वायर से बात करते हुए बताया की लालू यादव के समय सामाजिक न्याय का समय था अब बिहार में आर्थिक न्याय का दौर शुरू हो रहा है, तेजस्वी यादव ने द वायर की सीनियर एडिटर आरफ़ा ख़ानम को बताया की कैसे बिहार में बेरोज़गारी से बड़ा कोई आतंक नहीं है, लोग बेरोज़गारी की समस्या से जूझ रहे हैं। देखिए पूरी बातचीत

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Really a daughter of India, Arifa ji. Thanks

Author — Lr Bharti


Best leader of the Bihar... Jsne kam se kam itne ache issues rakhe h logo ke samne... With data analysis

Author — Shabnam Khatoon


Cm ka candidate hone k bawjud tereko mereko bolta hai BATTAMEEZ

Author — Er. L. B. Vinit


For the first time I am watching him ... and yes, this is da one who can make changes

Author — Sreeza Sreeza


बकवास। लालू भ्रष्टाचार में फॅंसकर कुर्वान हो गया। परिवार को गरीबी से निकाल कर मालामाल कर गया।

Author — Shashi S Trivedi


West bengal unemployment 80 % increase



Sab neta bolta h naukri denge, shiksha denge vikash karenge lekin karta koi nhi h .

Author — VÎCTOR


Wow Beautiful Amazing Great Super Salute Thank You So Much Good Speech✌🌹🚩🔔🐚👏💞💫🎊💯+💯👏

Author — Hemu Rai DeepVeer Rai DeepVeer Rai


Hope young boy feature of bihar god bless people vote for tejsvi cm

Author — Pappu Chitti


Bhai tejashvi yadav ❤️ bhegokar joota mara hai tumne is so called secular jihadi ko😁 . article 370 issue pr

Author — ravi Shankar


12 November ko, ,ssc gd constable vaale berojgar yuva delhi me aandolan karege, , or joing ki maaj rakhenge

Author — vvj learning classes


What a fine personality Tejaswi has become. In looks, shining like a sun. Talks so well. I think all senior politicians from all the parties should encourage Mr. Tejaswi.

Author — Pra2503


Log yahan helicoptor dekhne aaye hain....😍

Author — Ananya Jaiswal


Seems like tejasvi found the right issue and the correct agenda for the election. Hope he wins.

Author — Prasanth Prasanth


Ek independent individual media channel ko time dene k lye shukriya tejaswi yadav.

Author — Md Danish Quamar


Wire that caught Fire...dont try this at home. 😂😂😜, Meanwhile NDA will make Govt again in Bihar. More tears for another 5 years..😭

Author — NE One


is election se pure india me pharak padega

Author — Knowledge Made Free


Country safety as, laluyadav ji, very much

Author — Raj Kumar


Well done 👍
Lallu Kay lal ( tejasvi)
Tumnay kar deya kamal
Very good fight . Keep it up . One day you will shine 💐

Author — Suman Sharma


Asli economic justice to tere baap ne ki thi apne time pe.... Lekin sirf apne liye😏

Author — BABA