049 Huey Gunship at 2017 Fort Fest Fort Jennings Ohio

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049 Huey Gunship at 2017 Fort Fest Fort Jennings Ohio 4.5

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this thing still in service in s.korean army

Author — 영창


In memory of the 48th Assault Helicopter Company (BLUE STAR) & the men of the Joker platoon .

Author — Bud Dunlap


Hi victor, I’m currently creating a short Vietnam era film (non commercial) would I be able to use the shot of one of hueys against the tree line? Il duly credit you of course.

Author — Shea Gallagher


I love this UH- Huey. It is so cute and good looking. When I was a boy, I was very excited when I saw it flew across my house while I was playing with my friends in front yard. It flew so low that I could see the soldiers clearly. I waved to them and jumped up and down. Vietnam in the year of 1973

Author — Blackking Tran


Impressive sound, you’ve got to love the Huey!!.,

Author — dominique cahay


Бэлл ух 1 ирокез это настоящий отличный верталет 👈 А ни есть на варужени Армии Казахстана

Author — V Значит Виндетта


Love the Sound of these old War Horses!!!

Author — Walter


Thanks from another RVN vet 101ABN. Oh the feelings and memories that sounds brings!

Author — Arbiter


12:30 I'm really surprised they had people walking in front, the blades aren't that high above them.

Author — Mark Hester


Me Too I love the sound of the Huey, The bad thing is the only time I'll see one if it's going to fight a bush fire in summer, Oh and if you get to see the movie "Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan" one of the Huey's in the film flew in the Battle. All the best for Australia.

Author — Richard Goold


I like that side approach by the UH 1D, the first one. Pilots, is there a special name for that kind of approach?

Author — Nick B


when i saw or hear of huey,
i always think of a song fortunate son and run through the jungle

Author — E. C. Kob


Wish y'all could come down to the Terrell (TX) Fly In, in Sept.

Author — MrT8T3R


I have a question.

Will the UH-1H parts supply continue?

Here in Korea, I did not supply the parts, so I crawled.

Author — 남존여비


Nicatagua derribo uno de en punta cosiguina uh1h con un igla 1980

Author — Leonardo Pinel


This Copter set the standard for helicopter warfare and the movie Die Hard.

Author — charles ratcliff


049 ! In memory of Gary Kittle. RIP Gary !

Author — James Engle


Such a sexy helicopter and also the uh60 Blackhawk

Author — carlos palmeiro


First flight was in a UH-1B from Qui Nhon RVN in1966, last flight was a UH-1H from a support base in Saudi Arabia in1990. In between many flights in Huey’s, CH-47s, OH-6s, and UH-60s! Even scored a front seat flight in a AH-1 in VN. pretty good for a medic!

Author — Thomas Knight


I was a door gunner on 049 D Company 229th 1967 we had m60s instead of mini guns and they worked pretty good dyduck and kittle were my crew chiefs.

Author — chuck cuttress