भारत के विशालकाय मसल्स वाले बॉडीबिल्डर, देखकर आपको यकीन नहीं होगा || INDIAN BODYBUILDERS

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भारत के विशालकाय मसल्स वाले बॉडीबिल्डर, देखकर आपको यकीन नहीं होगा || INDIAN BODYBUILDERS 4.5
ये है भारत के सबसे खतरनाक बॉडीबिल्डर || TOP BIGGEST INDIAN BODYBUILDERS || BODYBUILDING
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This is India's most dangerous bodybuilder, who is not only young but also a man of the age-old man who is the fan of the bodybuilder.
*Sangram Chougule*
Sangram Chougule is the Indian bodybuilder. He has won the title of Mr. Univares, 6 times Mr. India, Mr. Maharashtra 5 times, Mr. World 3 times and Mr. Asia 3 times. Sangram Chougule is a trend body builders. During his studies in Pune, the trend towards Sangram Chougule's body building increased. And for the first time he participated in 'Maharashtra Inter College Competition'
Sangram, a resident of Pune Maharashtra, was an avid reader of body building since childhood, and by his hard work he has created such a body that everyone is surprised to see.
*Thakur Anoop Singh*
Famous TV actor Anup Singh has been known by people as well as due to his superb body. Thakur Anup Singh, who played the role of Dhritarashtra in the well-known TV serial Mahabharata, has thrown three guns in the international competition held in Bangkok. Silver and Bronze Medal Win
*Suhas Khamkar*
Suhas Khamkar, who secured the first position in the 80 kg competition during the 2012 India Organized Mr. India event, was the first Indian bodybuilder who received gold medal in the National Level Railway National Railway at the National level. Suhas Khamkar lived in Kolhapur city of Maharashtra He is the first runner-up in the Mr. World Body Building Championship.
*Murli Kumar*
Murali, a resident of South India, has been a fond of bodybuilding since childhood, and now others like to give training to these bodybuilders. They want every young man of India to be healthy and his body will be attracted too. Murali himself is a foamy bodybuilder and he is always on social media.
*Rajendran mani*
Rajendran Mani of Tamil Nadu has a different name in body building. After 15 years of service to the IAF, he stepped into the body building. Rajendran is the only bodybuilder who has won the title of Mr. India and Champion of Champion eight times. Named the World Body Building title in Hungary in the year 2013
*G Balakrishnan*
It is one of India's emerging bodybuilders. 26 year old Balakrishnan is a driver with profession, he has made two titles in his name, both titles, 'Mr. Asia' in 2016 and the second title 'Arnold Swozenegger of Whitefield'.
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Mujhe to sabhi ki body achi lagi hai

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