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Mr. Beat compares and contrasts Cascadia's two largest cities, Seattle and Vancouver. #geography #compared #cascadia

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Two cities which, at first glance, seem very similar to each other. Although Seattle is an American city and Vancouver is a Canadian city, both are part of the same region, known as the Pacific Northwest, or sometimes known as Cascadia.

Both have a temperate oceanic climate known for their generally cool temperatures and rainy weather. While both have four seasons, it never gets too cold in the winter and never too hot in the summer. Both can get snow in the winter and get A LOT of precipitation from November through January. Yep, those three months are cold, dark, and rainy.
Both are in the infamous Ring of Fire, an area where lots of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions tend to occur.

Both have about the same population in the actual city limits. (V- 675,218, S- 724,745). However, Seattle’s metro population has about 1.5 million more people. (V- 2.5 million, S- 4 million) But you could say Vancouver is a bigger deal in its home country, as it has the 3rd largest metro in all of Canada, while Seattle has the 15th largest metro. Seattle has been the fastest growing American big city of the past decade.

While both are ethnically diverse, Vancouver is more so. 40% of Vancouver’s population is made up of immigrants. Around 28% of Vancouver residents are Chinese. It’s been called the “most Asian city outside of Asia.”

Both have low pollution and are environmentally friendly. Both have pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050.

I mean, overall both have a high quality of life, and thus...both cities are really expensive.

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Which two cities should I compare next?

I got Seattle's minimum wage wrong. Its minimum wage is $15 in general. Employers can only pay $12 if they contribute at least $3 for health care and tips, and $16.25 for large corporations.

Author — Mr. Beat


To make things even more confusing, I believe there's a Vancouver in Washington.

Author — Michael Hurley


as a Dutchman it's funny to me that two cities that are almost as far apart as my country extends longitudinally are considered "close".

Author — Neophyte


Lived in both. Currently in Seattle. Can confirm, the cities are both very similar and very different. I like them both, but do prefer Vancouver as it's a lot more walkable and a LOT cleaner.

Author — Dario Pavlovic


Coincidentally The distance between Seattle and Vancouver, BC is the same as the distance between Seattle and Vancouver, WA.

Author — DoubleBaconChaseBurger


Vancouver sounds like the better place to live where Seattle sounds like a better place to visit.

Author — Galactic Maui


Both cities lost their NBA teams and should get their teams back!!! Grizzlies and SuperSonics🔥

Author — mattdotts


And both cities are NOT the capital of their province or state.

Author — Brian Garrow


Funny thing is I’m from Vancouver and watching this in Seattle.

Author — SAPPY


"Seattle is the Northernmost major city in the continental USA. The people there dress like it's Alaska. Vancouver is the warmest city year-round in Canada. The people there dress like it's California." - Douglas Coupland, or words to that effect.

Author — stuntmonkey00


Another thing we have in common: both better than Portland

Author — Bryce Johnson


I’ve always wanted to visit the Chinese city of Vancouver

Author — 1bizkid


Live in Bellingham so I'm smack dab in the middle and I've spent a lot of time in both places. My opinion on both:

Seattle: An amazing tourist town, awesome place to visit. The Space Needle, pikes place, Amazon building etc etc. One of the best tourist towns but it does get old after awhile and you do sort of run out of things to do. Great place to live if you're in software development as pay is almost as good as silicon valley but not nearly as expensive.

Vancouver: Not as good of a tourist city but grows on you over time. Like the person that's sort of boring at first but has a lot of depth. You will never run out of things to do. People are extremely friendly and also have that laid back west coast vibe going on.

Overall I love both cities but Vancouver wins for me :)

Author — Shane Hummus - The Success GPS


In Vancouver most of the waterfront is public park. In Seattle, most of the waterfront is private. You can walk around False Creek in Vancouver, quite a large distance. But you cannot walk around the perimeter of Lake Union in Seattle. The demolition of the Alaska Way Viaduct will help. But there will still be a large road along the waterfront to replace it in Seattle right next to the pedestrians which is not the case in Vancouver. A public waterfront is one of the features that makes walking in Vancouver more pleasant than walking in Seattle. I have lived years in both places.

Author — Stephanie Beaton


Edmonton and Calgary would be interesting

Author — Henry Kerr


What Vancouver citizen goes all the way down to Seattle for stores like costco or target? I can tell you for certain most stop in my hometown, Bellingham, for that? Any Canadian from the Vancouver area who crosses the border knows about Bellingham.

Author — A Araujo


Vancouver 300 days of "meh" weather. 65 days of weather that feels like God kissed the sky. Just stunning.


Author — Mierez Saturday


JJ: Aroond
Me: this is why us Canadians are stereotyped, stop plz nobody pronounces it like that

Author — Philip Vargas


Can we dive a little deeper on the difference in job markets differences between Vancouver and Seattle?
I mean, Vancouver has EA Sports, and Seattle has many other IT and Gaming companies. Guess programmers get job much easier in Seattle than in Vancouver? Vancouver has a huge demand on child care, but is also infamous for having no marketing and advertising suitability. In fact, most major advertising agencies AVOID Vancouver and only have a PO Box in Vancouver only.

Author — Noxid Gnahz


It’s pronounced “Grouse” like the bird.

Author — Traveleryvr