God Just Told Me This About California | Prophecy - Troy Black

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The Holy Spirit just gave me a prophetic vision and prophetic word from God about California and the current culture shift in the United States.

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Please note: in this video, I mentioned two highways, but I wasn't very clear in distinguishing the two. One highway was between California and Nevada. Another highway was a highway along the coast, and I think that one was simply a confirmation to me that the Lord was speaking about California. Sorry for the confusion!

Author — Troy Black


I need some guidance from the Lord right now I will keep praying 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Author — love music Rihanna, McClain Sisters,Empire


I really need to learn to be still and know that he is God.

Author — Carolina Robledo


Thanks for being obedient Troy. The Lord has been telling me to ask what I want, I’ve asked for grace to do kingdom building but I’ve not asked for the POWER OF HOLY SPIRIT! I asked the Lord today what should I ask for and this video gave me the answer. God bless bro bro.

Author — JaRon Mollice


Awesome Brother, the road to hell is VERY wide, the road to Heaven is narrow,
I love you Brother

Author — Phyllis Warren


This is a confirmation of God's message that I have been recciving, "oil and water"! Now it makes sense. Thank you for passing along HIS message! Stay faithful and may the Good Lord Jesus bless you and keep you in the palm of His hands😘

Author — Medidi402


I have visions of the “big one” coming to L.A and I’m worried because my brother and neice live down there. When this happens, it’s going to be mass destruction and chaos. People won’t be able to get out of there. It’s way too populated and congested.

Author — Mommies Media


When you started speaking about the highway in California, I immediately knew which one you were talking about! We lived there for 7 years and traveled it many times.

Author — Susan D


Troy this is a beautiful and powerful teaching. I ask Christians who watch this to forward it to their family and friends. NOW is the time!

Author — Diana Kennedy


will hou pray for me? I need direction on how to feel the Holy Spirit. I seek the Lord and pray for others who seek ghe Lord, that we may find him. I ask for prayers for healing of my body & of my mind. God Bless🙏🏻

Author — annette states


God bless you, Troy. You are a Faithful voice of The Lord. I appreciate your desire to be a dedicated vessel for God.

Author — Trina Nestor


I love when you get straight into your visions.

Author — jeff p


Be very careful about folks who say, " God told me this all the time!".

Author — Robert


Pray in the spirit for those you love.

Author — Mike Peralta


I prayed about some of things you talked about. What really resonated with me was about waiting for the Spirit. I will wait.

Author — Rumble Reverend


My brother and I were in Vegas massacre. He won 2 three day passes. I felt compelled to go by Holy Spirit. I experienced the peace of Hod that surpasses understanding. Also led a homeless young man in prayer earlier on that third day. Halleluyah!! He received Jesus

Author — Carol Good


As you spoke I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me about something in my life I need to stop. Thank you so much.

Author — Deborah Doebler


I live in the California desert and the back road to Vegas is just what you described....wow I wrote this before I finished listening to the end !

Author — Carlsen life after 60 Carlsen


Yes I drove on that highway... it goes thru the Mojave desert. It was 136 degrees and the heat and pressure just made you melt. Even the birds were breathing like a dog panting. Never seen or felt anything like it. Some spiritual truths there as well. Thanks

Author — Lori Carlson


I actually just got the book Stop Worrying. And The Lord has been speaking to me through it in so many ways! It’s a really good book as well. Definitely Holy Spirit filled. Just have 3 chapters left 🙏🏼 Be blessed in Jesus name.

Author — Mike Morales