Bastiaan uses Speed in a club | Drugslab

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Bastiaan uses Speed in a club | Drugslab 5

In this episode Bastiaan Rosman snorts speed (amphetamine) in a club. He experiences it completely different than in the lab.

- You can use speed in different ways; snorting (the effect will be shorter, but stronger), spray (you feel the effect right away, not recommended), rectal and oral (longer effect).
- Solvents can be harmful and risky.
- To reduce the risk, you must dry the speed.
- The effects can be felt up till 8 hours.
- 12 hours after using speed, you may still feel some effects.
- Don’t take any more speed after your first dose. This will only increase the length of the trip.
- Don’t combine speed with other drugs and/or alcohol.

- The strength of amphetamine varies, which makes it hard to dose.
- Depending on your experience, the way of using it and the strength of the speed, 5 to 40 milligrams is a usual dose.

- Overheating (hypothermia). Make sure to rest enough in a cooler area and drink up to 2 glasses of water in one hour;
- Increased risk of heart problems;
- Brain damage;
- Addiction;
- Physical problems;
- Hangover

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These are the type of videos we want to see, no more trip phones!

Author — Tech King


Take Acid/MDMA while talking to someone on trip phone.

Author — OPEN MIND


Bastiaan try DMT! I'm really curious about you under the influence of that drug!

Author — Dor Vardy


I'm under the influence of marijuana while watching this

Author — junk head


why not 4-FA or Mephedrone?? wouldve been perfect in the club setting. Please try sth new

Author — Braydon Borderline


Try Ayahuasca on the top of a mountain :D

Author — Luingry Silva Carvalho


Lol bastiaan is doing the junkie shuffle

Author — Alana BananaCanada


Taking a line of speed is like opening a box of Pringles you know you're gonna devour the whole box or bag.

Author — Terry F


It's so much more interesting and relatable when you get out of the lab :)
More LSD/DMT please !

Author — sndrb


This is such a pioneering channel. Long live the Netherlands!

Author — Noah Dancaster


8:10 de spanning tussen die twee altijd

Author — Peter Castricum


The heaviest users of amphetamines are children in school, college and university, on a doctor's prescription.

Author — Harry


Nellie: what do u want to do?
Bastian: eat shawerma
Nelly: french

Author — Amer Ar


9:46 hij dacht "neuken??" 😂😂😂

Author — Jean-Michel Matthijssen


guys! please!! do yourself a favor!! :)))) 4 - ACO - DMT - it is like Mushrooms but way more visual! super clean, no body load, pefrect timing. You will be so happy! :)) In a good setting at home, good music, good sitter! <3

Author — Anonymouse 1


It would have been more representative if somebody without ADHS would have done it, because the effects can be completely different

Author — Petersilius Zwackelmann


Wow that speed was really dark yellow, in norway we only have white speed or light yellow,

Author — Smugbugs


Next time try Meth at a hardtekk rave. You‘re gonna love it!

Author — Petersilius Zwackelmann