What if Kenny Omega Jumped Ship to WWE? | WWE 2K Universe Mods

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

After the sale of AEW to Ted Turner, Kenny Omega jumps ship to the WWE after being relieved of his duties as Executive Vice President. Featuring WWE 2K Universe Mods.

This new format takes a birds-eye approach to Kenny Omega's map to greatness and features multiple moments from the conclusion of the Royal Rumble to the conclusion of Wrestlemania.

Special thanks to the WWE 2K Modders :
1. Kenny Omega by Ripzz
2. Royal Rumble arena by Titavius
3. Drew Mcintyre, Sheamus & Bobby Lashley by JoeMashups
4. Various Seth Rollins mods by LandraJames, JoeMashups & red
5. Omega Gfx by ItzTheRampage
6. Omega call name by Rapsodian

Awesome custom themes by:

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Vince McMahon would either treat him like he treated AJ Styles when he first debuted, or he'd have him chasing the 24/7 Championship. It could go both ways. First option is more likely though.

Author — Seth Freakin Rollins


Funny little fact Kenny Omega before AEW was announced said his dream was to face AJ styles at WrestleMania but obviously that's changed

Author — My Email


I like these what if scenarios, there very cool

Author — The Reaper


Great video and it would be awesome if it was to come true, mind you saying that if Vince was still the boss Kenny would be wasted, but if HHH was the man it would be so much better.
So in answer to your questions about Vince retiring and letting HHH be in charge, yes is HHH should take charge of the WWE.
Please continue making these video’s they are brilliant.

Author — David Vilhena Flores Horn-Marquez


if kenny omega go to wwe
matches: kenny vs kevin owens, kenny vs seth Rollins, kenny vs roman, kenny vs drew and kenny vs finn balor

Author — Jaheim Williams


Nick Jackson on BTE: i thought Kenny signed a WWE contract.
ElementGames: Hold our Beer!!!

Author — A1_Nero


Yes Vince McMahon should retire and let Triple H run the company

Author — Too Sweet Ramon


Kenny Omega should be in John Cena NWO storyline thoughts?

Author — thetwopaths


Nice I'll be waiting an next episode about omega or the BTE going to wwe

Author — Simson Jonald


Next video: if orange cassidy join wwe or if mjf join wwe

Author — The Ex3 Guy


Kenny omega should join the nwo and aj styles

Author — G.O.G


It could happen he was in wwe like performance places or whatever but wasn’t in the actual company

Author — Its Icey


Omega vs Rollins would be a 5 star match

Author — CG Ruthless Sports


My stomach tells me he's gonna be in the rumble Saturday... You should do a story on it 😜

Author — articuLIT


Kenny would probably never go to WWE I mean it's been how long in his carrier and still no

Author — Sebastian the gaming king


How do you make these videos they’re so good

Author — Drew Tackett


He would get jobbed out by vinces creative because he's over the age of 30 and not a product of wwe. Stupid question.

Author — The_Goon


I made that custom theme for Kenny Omega for the video

Author — hotman718


I would like to see kenny omega in wwe. If they don't ruin him smh

Author — Moಠ_ಠ


Well this is the darkest timeline i ever seen

Author — Fauzan Abdul Kahfi